Leftover Beef Recipes: Korean Beef Tostadas

0.0 00 I love leftover beef recipes and created my Korean Beef Tostadas using Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauce as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #CampbellsSkilledSaucers On busy nights, I rely heavily on my slow cooker.  By taking just five minutes first thing in the morning, I can completely forget about dinner until it’s […]

How to Have a Mexican Night with Chicken Enchilada Stew

0.0 00 We love Mexican food in our home.  My husband is from Texas originally so having Mexican food is something we do at least once a week. While many of our Mexican recipes feature beef, I wanted to show you how to have a Mexican night with my favorite Chicken Enchilada Stew.  One of […]

Hearty Skillet Lasagna Recipe

0.0 00 This Hearty Skillet Lasagna Recipe is amazing.  I absolutely love fast one pot meal solutions.  I have been so busy lately working and trying to keep up with the kids and their social lives.  By the time dinner rolls around, I am seriously considering peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner.  I have […]

Crockpot Flan Recipe for a Decadent Dessert

0.0 00 I had no idea there was a crockpot flan recipe.  I love flan but I have always made it in the oven.  A crockpot flan recipe means that I can start it during the day in the crockpot and it will be ready at night when I want dessert.  Getting dinner ready on […]

25+ Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes You MUST Make

0.0 00 I love slow cooker dessert recipes because I can start them earlier in the day and then forget about them. Dinner time is hectic enough without also worrying about getting a dessert on the table.  While I don’t serve dessert with every meal, I do a few times a week.  Using slow cooker […]