Quick and Easy Broccoli Pasta Seafood Salad Recipe

0.0 00 This pasta seafood salad recipe is a family favorite. As the weather warms up, our schedules start to get a little crazy. The kids make more plans with their friends and go off for the day hiking or swimming. I start spending more time in the garden and less time in the house. […]

How to Make an Easy Paleo Seafood Soup for Lent

0.0 00 This easy Paleo seafood soup is perfect for Lent. One of my favorite quick meal ideas for busy nights is an easy soup recipe. Soups are hot and filling and generally budget friendly. They are the perfect choice for nights when you’re short on time and can generally be made in the slow […]

Italian Scallop Tortellini Bake in a Tomato Sauce Recipe

0.0 00 You are going to love this Italian Scallop Tortellini Bake! Marty and I don’t go out to eat that often but on special occasions we want to have a meal that’s a little bit fancier than normal. Our wedding anniversary is coming up soon and I wanted to make something special for us […]

Healthy Lenten Meals – Seafood Stuffed Tomatoes

0.0 00 While we still splurge, I try to be more aware and choose healthy Lenten meals like my seafood stuffed tomatoes. Before my focus on finding healthier meals, my favorite meal for Lent was takeout cheese pizza. I know. Definitely not one of the healthy Lenten meals I should have chosen. This year, I […]

Finding New Recipes: Paleo Scallops Recipe

0.0 00 I admit that I’m slightly addicted to finding new recipes.  I have a huge collection of cookbooks and I am constantly searching the internet for new recipes to try.  I really don’t like making the same recipes over and over again. When I’m bored, I find myself searching the internet for new recipes. […]

Lemon Pepper Shrimp Pasta Recipe

0.0 00 Lemon Pepper Shrimp Pasta Recipe Save Recipe Print Recipe My Recipes My Lists My Calendar Ingredients12 oz tricolor rotini1 tbsp butter2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil6 slender green onions, sliced1 clove garlic, minced2 tsp finely grated lemon zest2 to 3 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice, divided1/3 cup heavy or whipping cream1 can (4 […]

Tartar Sauce Recipe for Fish and Seafood Dinners

0.0 00 You are going to love this tartar sauce recipe for fish and seafood! When I was younger, mustard meant one thing – yellow mustard. You know that bright yellow condiment that some people put on hot dogs.  I really had no idea that mustard was available any other way until I was older […]

Easy Seafood Tacos for a Delicious Twist on Taco Night

0.0 00 You are going to love these seafood tacos! I know. If you’re like me, when you think of Mexican food, you don’t think of fish. Parents want to serve fun, easy to make, nutritious meals, but our kids want pizza and macaroni and cheese. The solution? Create nutritious versions of kid-friendly favorites. It’s the […]