Easy Homemade Pumpkin Ice Cream Recipe

There is no better dessert splurge than this easy homemade pumpkin ice cream recipe. I don’t eat dessert that often and I almost never have ice cream. Normally, ice cream makes my teeth hurt which takes away some of the enjoyment.  I’ve been using the Crest Sensi-Stop Strips for about 4 weeks now and I am […]

Gluten Free Protein Bites Recipe for an Allergy Friendly Snack

You are going to love these gluten free protein bites! Finding healthy snacks for two teenagers can be a bit of a challenge. Add in the fact that one of them is gluten intolerant and it becomes even more of a challenge. I want the kids to enjoy the snacks I make but I want […]

Pumpkin Cornbread Muffin Recipe Using Pumpkin Puree

Most people probably hear the word muffins and think of a sweet treat for breakfast.  This Pumpkin Cornbread Muffin Recipe is more savory than sweet and is the perfect side dish instead of potatoes or rice.  If you’re like me, after Halloween is over, you cut up your pumpkin, puree it and put it in […]

Pumpkin Coconut Paleo Smoothie Recipe for a Healthy Fall

This pumpkin coconut paleo smoothie recipe is perfect for fall! A Paleo smoothie recipe using pumpkin will let me enjoy the pumpkin taste that everyone enjoys at the holidays without any of the non-Paleo ingredients.  This Paleo smoothie recipe makes a wonderful treat for dessert or even a delicious breakfast one morning. It is not […]

Pumpkin Cranberry Coffee Cake Recipe for Entertaining

Looking for a pumpkin cranberry coffee cake? Sarah brought home a pumpkin around the middle of October and declared that she was going to decorate it for Halloween.  George (I named the pumpkin) sat on my counter for weeks until Halloween came and went and was never decorated.   Rather than leave the pumpkin on […]

Healthy Holiday Desserts: Pumpkin Parfait with Whipped Cream

You are going to love this pumpkin parfait! Holidays mean sweets in my house. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies, trifles, brownies and candy.  Either way, you look at it, the desserts are everywhere.  I try very hard to stay away from the desserts during the holidays. It is just so easy to pack on an extra […]

Spiced Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Maple Glaze for Fall

This Spiced Pumpkin Bread Pudding is amazing! It’s autumn and that means pumpkins! Living in rural Vermont, I am very lucky to have several different farmer’s markets close by.  I love driving by farms and seeing wagons full of pumpkins fresh from the field to purchase. Every autumn, the kids go on hay rides and […]

Pumpkin Corn Bread Recipe for Thanksgiving Celebrations

You are going to love this pumpkin corn bread recipe! Two of my favorite harvest time crops are pumpkins and corn.  Corn bread is popular in the colder weather in our house and is a wonderful addition to a meal of chili, a hearty soup or even an omelet.  We often have cornbread and fresh […]

Cheryl Ladd’s Pumpkin Pie Recipe for the Holidays

I love trying celebrity recipes and Cheryl Ladd’s pumpkin pie recipe was one of my favorites. Did you know that Cheryl Ladd appeared in Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups? This is a film that the entire family will love to watch during the holiday season. I received a copy of this DVD for sharing […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe and 15 Gluten Free Pumpkin Desserts

We always do some sort of pumpkin dessert recipe for the holidays, and this year I am making my Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe. One of the reasons this is such a favorite is that it’s gluten free. It’s difficult to find gluten free pie recipes because flour is used both for the crust and often to thicken […]