Tips and Tricks for Seasoning Cast Iron Pots

Seasoning cast iron pots and pans is important to keep them in good condition.  I love cooking with cast iron but you cannot wash them the same way you would another pot or pan in your kitchen.  You can purchase newer cast iron pans that have already been seasoned.  After using them over and over, […]

Planting Your Garden In The City

Planting your garden in the city is a lot different than planting your garden in the suburbs or the country.  People in the city have much less space to plant their gardens. They often cannot go out into the backyard and dig up a patch of ground to plant their garden.  When you live on […]

Home Emergency Preparedness Surveillance

Home emergency preparedness is something that my husband and I believe strongly in.  You never know when an emergency or disaster is going to strike.  You cannot wait until the emergency or disaster to prepare your home and your family.  You need to begin your home emergency preparedness preparations now when you don’t need them. […]

Family Emergency Preparedness

Family emergency preparedness is something my husband and I have been working on for quite a while.  Living in Vermont, we have severe winter storms regularly that make it impossible or hazardous to drive to the store, pick up prescriptions, or take care of other regular errands.  If we didn’t practice family emergency preparedness, we […]

How to Stock Your Pantry for Winter Preparedness

Are you wondering how to stock your pantry for winter? Winter preparedness is something that I take seriously in rural Vermont.  It’s not unusual for us to be snowed in for several days after a bad winter storm.  Being snowed in means that we cannot run to the store when we run out of the […]