Prepare For Emergency Financial Needs When Far From Home

Have you ever wondered how you would handle emergency financial needs if you’re not at home? When many people think of emergency preparedness, they think of extra food, first aid supplies, batteries and getting the garden planted each year. Those are all very important ways to prepare, but what about financial needs? Prepare for Emergency […]

Rainwater Harvesting DIY Projects to Make at Home

Have you given any thought to rainwater harvesting DIY projects? With all of the changes to our world and our weather, it seems like this may make sense. Most importantly, we need to understand water isn’t an unending resource. There are things we can do to help. Rainwater Harvesting DIY Projects Whether you want to […]

Homemade Rain Barrels for Conserving Water at Home

Have you been considering adding a few homemade rain barrels to help conserve water? Over the past few years, I’ve heard more and more on the news about droughts affecting people’s water supply. While we’re using to hearing about droughts in places like California, it’s starting to become more of an issue in other areas. […]

Home Well Water Testing Kits for Family Fun and Safety

Have you ever wondered about home well water testing kits and whether or not you should test your water? We live in the country and our water supply comes from a well. We read about the importance of having our water tested each spring. But, I’ve always wondered exactly how to test our water and […]

5 Storm Preparedness Tips You Need to Know

September is storm preparedness month, so I’m sharing these storm preparedness tips with you before the storm hits your area. I’m sure you’ve seen those television programs where a big storm is coming, and everyone runs out and clears the store shelves of bread and milk. That’s how NOT to prepare for a storm. You […]

My All Time 5 Favorite Survival Reality TV Shows

Have you seen these survival shows on Netflix? One of my favorite ways to relax after a long day is by watching a few survival reality TV shows like Survivor. While I don’t enjoy most reality TV, I do love the survival shows where people are left in the wilderness to survive. Years ago, one […]

Emergency Preparedness Food Storage List | Reducing Food Waste

Marty and I believe in being prepared for emergencies so I’m sharing this emergency preparedness food storage list. You never know when a freak snowstorm will leave you stuck at home for a week (or when zombies will attack) so it’s a good idea to be prepared.  Emergency Preparedness Food Storage List | Reducing Food […]

Preparing for Unemployment

This post on preparing for unemployment has been sponsored Years ago, when Marty and I were first married, he lost his job when a local manufacturing plant downsized.  All of a sudden, the two income salary we were used to living on was cut in half. Sure, he received unemployment benefits but they are never […]

Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide Review

Marty and I have been preparing for emergencies for years. It’s something we think is very important and we try to make it a priority. While everyone (hopefully) knows the basics of food, water, and shelter, there are things that you need for long-term survival that you may not have thought about. What happens if […]

Easy Ways to Conserve Water at Home Right Now

Looking for easy ways to conserve water? I don’t recall ever thinking about conserving water when I was growing up. I think that water was one of those things that I just took for granted.  Easy Ways to Conserve Water When I was a child, water was always there. It fell out of the sky […]