6 Delicious Popcorn Seasonings You Need to Make

These delicious popcorn seasonings are just the thing to enjoy with the family for movie night. One of my guilty pleasures is having a huge bowl of popcorn at night while we watch movies. While I used to add a ton of melted butter and salt to my popcorn, I know that’s not the healthiest […]

Horror Movies, Teenagers and Popcorn Seasoning

Did you ever look back at your life and realize how many opportunities you’ve lost? The kids are 18 and 22 now. My youngest (my son), recently moved out and in with his girlfriend. I don’t imagine it will be long before my daughter, and her boyfriend leave the nest to start their lives. As […]

Popcorn Ball Recipe: Maple Walnut Popcorn Balls

I’m sharing this popcorn ball recipe as part of the Good Cook Blogger Program. I received a variety of products to inspire me. This post contains affiliate links & I may earn a few pennies if you buy something.  You can check out my other popcorn ball recipe when I made Indian Corn Popcorn Balls. […]

John Deere Party Food Ideas – Indian Corn Popcorn Balls

John Deere party food ideas are just the thing for a good ole country party.  Here in Vermont, we have a lot of farms and a lot of corn fields. Of course, you cannot have a farm without a John Deere tractor. You just can’t. I love themed party foods but I get tired of […]

Vermont Cheddar Bacon Popcorn Recipe

This Vermont Cheddar Bacon Popcorn recipe has been made possible by a sample provided at no charge.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. We love salty snacks in a variety of flavors at our house.  We don’t buy a lot of packaged salty snacks because they are often loaded with artificial ingredients and are […]