How to Remove Stickers Easily from Flea Market Finds

Are you wondering how to remove stickers from glassware or other things you’ve picked up second hand? I love flea markets because there are so many amazing vintage finds there. I have collected Hall Pottery for years, and my mother likes Depression glass. I’ve even found a crystal vase and a Bakelite bracelet. Of course, […]

How to Clean Vinyl Sheet Flooring Easily and Naturally

When we completely remodeled our kitchen last year, I had to figure out how to clean vinyl sheet flooring. Our very old and damaged wood floor was removed – all the way down to the basement – and replaced. Since I want my flooring to last as long as possible, I checked with the installer […]

9 Summer Cleaning Tips and Tricks

I was part of the Every day, care™ project with Whirlpool® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #EveryDayCare Finally the summer is here and I can throw open the windows and do a good deep cleaning. While many of you are probably more familiar with spring cleaning, here in Vermont spring is mud […]

Washing Machine Cleaning Tips

There is an endless list of things that need to be done around our house. Some of them require outside help like the bathroom remodel we’re having done right now. Some of them are easy things that I can take care of myself, like cleaning the washing machine. Washing Machine Cleaning Tips While I’m far […]

How to Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine LG All In One

We have a very small house with a very small bathroom. The bathroom happens to be where our laundry area is. Because the bathroom is small, we only have room for a washing machine and not a dryer. While I do hang laundry in front of the wood stove and outside on the line on […]

7 Tips for Getting Rid of Household Odors Naturally

Getting rid of household odors is something I think about whenever we have guests over.  Don’t you hate it when you arrive home and open the front door only to smell dinner from last night or the cat box?  As much as I try to keep household odors to a minimum, there is always some […]

How to Clean Naturally with These Seven Products

Learning how to clean naturally is important to me because I really hate having to worry about what kind of harmful ingredients are in my cleaning products. When the kids were little, I worried about them crawling around on the ground and then putting their fingers in their mouths after I had mopped the floor. […]

Cleaning with Sonic Scrubbers [Make Your Kitchen Shine]

Have you tried cleaning with Sonic Scrubbers? Cleaning is not my favorite pastime. It needs to be done but I honestly prefer that it be done as quickly as possible so I can move on to more interesting things like playing in the garden or doing my nails. Sadly, it always seems like there is something […]

How to Make Your Stainless Steel Shine Like Chrome

Are you wondering how to make your stainless steel shine? I love the look of stainless appliances but keeping them clean and shiny is definitely more of a challenge than with traditional appliances. Whenever we’re expecting guests, one of the first things I check is that my stainless steel is free of smudges, fingerprints, and […]