Lemon Maple Zucchini Bread Recipe With Gluten Free Option

You’re going to love my Lemon Maple Zucchini Bread! Is anyone else overwhelmed with zucchini but me? We only planted ONE zucchini plant so that this wouldn’t happen. But, it’s gone crazy. And, then the neighbor brought over a bag of zucchini and summer squash because she had too much. And, I just couldn’t say […]

Gardener’s Hand Scrub DIY for Clean Soft Hands

This gardener’s hand scrub is perfect for clean soft hands! I love getting out in the garden each year but playing in the dirt really does a number on my hands and nails.  I do try to remember to wear gloves when I work in the garden but sometimes I forget. I have a tendency […]

Tart Lemon Bread Recipe With Cupcake Variation

This Tart Lemon Bread recipe is one that I have been making for years.    I’m not a huge fan of super sweet desserts.  Sometimes I want a treat with my evening cup of tea but I don’t want something overly sweet.  This Tart Lemon Bread recipe is the perfect solution for times like that. […]

How to Make Lemonade with Stevia for a Delicious Summer Drink

Do you know how to make lemonade with stevia? I absolutely love flavored drinks like lemonade.  I try to watch how many I drink because they are generally either very high in calories or loaded with artificial sweeteners. One of my favorite drinks in the summer is lemonade but I don’t want to drink anything […]

Lemon Cake from Scratch – Lemon Drizzle Cake

This lemon cake from scratch is a recipe I found in a book provided for review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. I absolutely love baking and am always searching for “from scratch” recipes.   I am not a big fan of chocolate so when I want cake, I usually make a carrot cake, […]

Templeton Herbal Iced Tea Recipe and Serving Tips

My Templeton Herbal Iced Tea recipe is the perfect cold drink on a hot summer day. There is nothing more refreshing than an iced cold glass of herbal tea after yard work or while entertaining. Since this is an herbal tea, it’s perfect no matter what time of day it is. Children and adults can […]