Italian Polenta Bites & Gluten Free Biscuit Mix

This post has been sponsored and product was provided as part of my partnership with CLASSICO® and reCAP®. All opinions are my own. We love Italian food, but we don’t tend to do a lot of pasta dishes. My daughter is gluten intolerant so we avoid traditional pasta and she’s not that fond of the […]

Italian Scallop Tortellini Bake

Marty and I don’t go out to eat that often but on special occasions we want to have a meal that’s a little bit fancier than normal. Our wedding anniversary is coming up soon and I wanted to make something special for us for dinner without completing blowing our budget.  This Italian Scallop Tortellini Bake […]

Easy Pasta Puttanesca Recipe

Did you ever make something a little bit different from the norm for dinner and just sort of sneak it in without telling anyone?  I’ve been trying to experiment in the kitchen a bit more since I get tired of the same old meals.  The problem is that the rest of the family likes the […]

Venezia In Cucina – The Flavours Of Venice

A copy of Venezia in Cucina was provided for review.  This post contains affiliate links.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. Italian food is one of my comfort foods.  There is just something about mounds of pasta covered with sauce and meat that makes me feel better. Of course, there is a lot more […]

Gnocchi Recipe: Gnocchi with White Beans [Vegetarian Recipe]

You are going to love this gnocchi recipe for gnocchi with white beans! It’s one of my favorite vegetarian recipes! We are definitely meat eaters in my home, but every now and then, we like to have meatless meals to keep our budget under control. Since beans are high in fiber, they really help fill […]

Italian Rosemary Bread Recipe Like Macaroni Grill

This Italian Rosemary Bread Recipe is amazing! I cannot wait until you have a chance to try it. My Mom and Dad have fresh rosemary growing at their house and every now and then she makes the most heavenly Rosemary Bread. I thought I would share the recipe with you all in case you are looking […]