Taconic Mountain Ramble Hike in Hubbardton Vermont

Lately, I have been working far too many hours so when my son asked me to hike the Taconic Mountain Ramble with him, I agreed. I enjoy hiking although most of my hiking is more like walking with some rocks and bridges to cross. Both of the kids have hiked the Ramble before but I […]

Day Hiking Gear List for Beginners Over 40 to Get Active

This day hiking gear list is perfect for when you just want to get away for a day. I love hiking but I am not up for a weekend hike. When I go for a hike, I plan on being gone an afternoon or a day at the longest. That’s about all my stamina and […]

Safety Tips for Cold Weather Hiking

Safety tips for cold weather hiking aren’t the same as for the warmer months. While I enjoy hiking year round, cold weather hiking is more of a challenge for me. With my asthma, cold air can be a trigger, so that’s one thing that I need to be aware of while I’m hiking. This post […]

10 Summer Hiking Tips for Family Day Trips and Fitness

Check out these summer hiking tips and head outside with the kids. Now that school is over, I plan on spending some time with the kids. It’s hard to believe they’re 17 and 22. They’ll be moving out soon which doesn’t seem possible since just yesterday they were in kindergarten. At least it seems that […]