Herbal Remedies for Headaches and Migraines

I am sharing this information with you as part of the Netflix Stream Team. For the past few weeks, Marty has had a headache more often than normal. He’s always been prone to migraine headaches, so this isn’t new for us. It just seems like he’s been having more of them. Part of it is […]

What to Do With Fresh Basil During the Summer Time

I love fresh herbs from my garden but by the end of the summer, my herb garden has started to go crazy.  I’m seriously wondering what to do with fresh basil right now. I know you can add it to spaghetti sauce but really, there are only so many days a week that I want […]

Tips for Storing Fresh Herbs

I love my herb garden. It’s one of my favorite gardens. Not only are herbs attractive but there is nothing more rewarding than walking out to the garden and snipping a few fresh herbs to use when cooking dinner. I love using fresh herbs as long as possible but as the weather turns colder, I […]