Schnitz un Knepp Recipe – Ham and Apple Dumplings

You have got to try this Schnitz un Knepp recipe! I know, you’re probably wondering “What the heck is that?” but just keep on reading! Years ago, I visited Pennsylvania Dutch country as a teenager and have been fascinated with Amish lifestyle and recipes since then. This recipe is something I haven’t made since before […]

20 Uses for Sprouts and Stir Fry Recipe with Sprouts

I’m sharing these uses for sprouts because sprouts are a great source of the enzymes we need to stay healthy. So, you may remember my seed sprouting experiment where I made a sprouting jar and sprouted alfalfa seeds. After four days of rinsing and watching the alfalfa seeds, I finally have a full crop of […]

Leftover Ham Recipe – Hearty Ham and Bean Soup Recipe

A leftover ham recipe is exactly what I need after Christmas.  We always have ham for Christmas dinner and I generally find myself with leftovers to use up. Since the weather has been so cold here, I was searching for a leftover ham recipe for soup that would warm me up.  If you’re looking for […]