What are Your Television Options Without Cable Subscription

Have you ever wondered what your television options without cable are? My husband and I have been working on cutting back on our expenses. And, one thing we’ve been talking about getting rid of is our cable television subscription. Television Options Without Cable My husband and I are huge movie buffs. We watch lots of […]

How to Lower Your Electric Bill to Save Energy

Have you ever wondered how to lower your electric bill? Years ago, my electric bill used to hover right around $50 a month (2010). But, today it’s usually about double that amount. I know that, in part, it has to do with rising electric costs. But, what other factors go into the bill you receive […]

10 Ways to Save Energy With Your Dishwasher

Why should you worry about ways to save energy with your dishwasher? Like most busy moms, time-saving appliances and gadgets are high on my list of must-have items.  If something can save me 30 minutes a day without sacrificing quality, I’m all for it.  That’s 30 more minutes a day I can do something else […]

Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Groceries

If you have any tips for saving money on holiday groceries, I would love it if you shared them with me. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to put healthy food on the table without completely going over budget. As I put together my grocery list for the holidays, I’m trying to keep an eye […]

Saving Money and Eating Healthy

One of the biggest complaints I hear is that saving money and eating healthy just aren’t possible to do at the same time. I have to disagree.  With a little bit of time and a few tricks, you can certainly eat healthy on a budget. Our food budget is fairly strict. We’re feeding my husband, […]

Save Money on Family Entertainment

As a mom of two teenagers, a good part of our family budget is taken up by what I will call entertainment. My son is 17 and my daughter is 20. Plus, my daughter’s boyfriend is living with  us (just out of the army) until they can get on their feet. Like most modern families, […]

Saving Money on Fresh Produce

In the middle of the winter, saving money on fresh produce is definitely something I’m focused on. In the summer, we have a small garden and frequent farmer’s markets in our area. In the winter, those options just aren’t available to us. I still want to be able to incorporate fresh produce into our meals […]

Budgeting Tips | Living Simply to Save Money

I’m sharing a few budgeting tips that Marty and I use to live on a salary that many feel isn’t enough to support a family of four. Living simply to save money is one of the methods that we use to make this possible.  No, we don’t sit in the dark in the living room […]

Emergency Preparedness Food Storage List | Reducing Food Waste

Marty and I believe in being prepared for emergencies so I’m sharing this emergency preparedness food storage list. You never know when a freak snowstorm will leave you stuck at home for a week (or when zombies will attack) so it’s a good idea to be prepared. I’d hate to be stuck at home and realize […]

Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget and Lose Weight

One of my goals for my family is to find ways to eat healthy on a budget.  It’s so frustrating to grocery shop and see rock bottom prices on neon orange macaroni and cheese or heavily processed breakfast cereals loaded with sugar.  As I head over to the small selection of organic and all natural […]