Make Homemade Bath Salts with Rose Petals for Sensitive Skin

Have you ever wondered how to make homemade bath salts? I have very sensitive skin so I need to be careful when it comes to skincare and bath products. Some products leave my skin dry and irritated so I prefer to make my own bath products when I can. Not only is this a great […]

Easy Irish Coffee Scrub DIY Recipe

You will love this coffee scrub DIY! It’s no secret that I love all things coffee. I drink it. I use it to scent my home. Now, I’m using it to keep my skin soft and smooth.  I absolutely love the taste and the scent of coffee. When I added creamer to my coffee, I […]

Sore Muscle Soak Home Remedy That Really Works

Today I’m sharing this sore muscle soak home remedy. As I get older, I find that it takes less work to result in sore muscles.  I used to spend several hours weeding my garden and besides a bit of stiffness, I was fine.  Now, if I spend more than an hour weeding the garden at […]

How to Make Ice Frosted Windows with Epsom Salts

Have ever tried to make ice frosted windows with Epsom salts? This is one of my favorite winter projects with the kids. We love the patterns that Jack Frost leaves on our windows. But, he doesn’t always visit every night especially with the new insulated windows. Now, you can let the kids enjoy the sight […]