10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill This Year

Are you looking for ways to lower your electric bill? One of our goals this year is to lower our electric bill even more than it already is.  We pay between $60 and $90  a month for our electricity and while that’s not bad, we’d like to see it lower. Ways to Lower Your Electric […]

How to Lower Your Electric Bill to Save Energy

Have you ever wondered how to lower your electric bill? Years ago, my electric bill used to hover right around $50 a month (2010). But, today it’s usually about double that amount. I know that, in part, it has to do with rising electric costs. But, what other factors go into the bill you receive […]

Electricity Consumption Awareness

Being a Lutron Ambassador as part of a Mom Central Consulting campaign has given me more electricity consumption awareness than I have ever had before. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating. I would have shared this information with you anyway because we have been […]