End of the Year and Back to School Teacher Survival Kit DIY

I’m starting to get excited for back to school time!  Our kids go back to school at the end of August so I have a few more weeks to get organized and prepared.  I’ve already gotten that HUGE stack of papers in the mail that I have to fill out every year. It seems like […]

National Mutt’s Day – Dog Card

Did you know that July 31st is National Mutt’s Day? Well it is.  National Mutt’s Day was created in 2005 as a day to celebrate mixed breed dogs.  Over breeding pedigreed dogs can result in dogs that are not healthy.  They have been “in bred” too much and often have health issues. These are the […]

Freshen Indoor Air Naturally – Coffee Tealight DIY

I love being able to freshen indoor air naturally.  I’m not a big fan of all the chemicals and artificial ingredients in many air freshener products. I really don’t want to release those things into the air that the kids and our pets are breathing but there are times that you just need to freshen […]

Decoupaged Metal Watering Can

I picked up this metal watering can a few years ago at a tag sale and it has been sitting around collecting dust since then. It didn’t really have a purpose so I just stuck it on a shelf until I could think of what to do with it.  I decided it was time to […]

Nail Pampering DIY for Softer Cuticles and Healthier Nails

Moms don’t get a lot of pampering time most days, at least I don’t. I generally spend most of my time working or running around taking care of everyone else.  I’ve decided that for my mental health and overall stress level, I need to start setting aside a few minutes each day just for me. […]

Gardener’s Hand Scrub DIY for Clean Soft Hands

This gardener’s hand scrub is perfect for clean soft hands! I love getting out in the garden each year but playing in the dirt really does a number on my hands and nails.  I do try to remember to wear gloves when I work in the garden but sometimes I forget. I have a tendency […]

How to Make Solid Perfume Using Your Favorite Scents

I love wearing perfume and enjoy a variety of different types of scents.  I generally apply it in the morning when I’m getting ready for the day.  I like to refresh it throughout the day because the scent rarely lasts all day for me. I don’t really want to carry a bottle of perfume in […]

How to Paint a Ceramic Flower Pot

Product provided. I really love spring but it is taking entirely too long to arrive this year.  I decided that I would learn how to paint a ceramic flower pot and fill it with flowers to bring a bit of spring inside.  One reason that I like ceramic pots is because they weigh more than […]

How to Decoupage a Glass Jar for an Easy Upcycled Craft

Are you wondering how to decoupage a glass jar? I have a thing for interesting looking glass jars.  Some I find at thrift stores and tag sales and some I find at the grocery store when I’m shopping.  I don’t generally do anything with the glass jars.  I have them stored in a cupboard which […]

How to Make Decorative Gift Bags for Any Occasion

Have you ever wondered how to make decorative gift bags? I love wrapping presents creatively and often use gift bags to keep the gift more of a surprise than wrapping paper would allow.  Whenever I’m shopping, I wander through the wrapping aisle and check out all of the cute gift bags. I nearly had sticker […]