A Romantic Holiday Wish List

I’m not one of those women that want kitchen gadgets for Christmas. A blender or a wok won’t impress me that much. For Christmas, I would like a little bit of romance which is something that I don’t get as often as I’d like during the year.This post may be sponsored. Post contains affiliate links. […]

5 Minute Christmas Ornament That Anyone Can Make

This 5 minute Christmas ornament is the perfect craft to do when you just have no time. You can hang it on the tree or you can attach it to your Christmas packages.  Is anyone else feeling like they are just running out of time? This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if […]

Gifts That Teenage Boys Will Love

Do you know of any gifts that teenage boys will love? I struggle with this every year. Girls are easy: makeup, clothes, jewelry. Boys? Not so much. It seems like every year I struggle with finding the perfect gifts for my son. This post has been sponsored by Lunchbox.This post may be sponsored. Post contains affiliate […]

Affordable Ideas for Secret Santa Gifts

Finding affordable ideas for secret Santa gifts can be an enormous challenge. For years, I worked in an office and each year at the holidays we’d need to bring a gift for a Secret Santa exchange. I had the absolute worst time finding a gift because I wanted it to be something the recipient would […]

Easy Washi Tape Gift Card Holder

This easy Washi tape gift card holder is the perfect upcycled Christmas craft. Now that the kids are older, Christmas shopping is a bit different. They don’t want toys for Christmas any longer. They tend to want gift cards, money, and technology. At 18 and 22, I’ve come to accept the fact that it’s easier […]

Easy Tips for a Natural Christmas Wreath

This post is sponsored by Flonase® Allergy Relief.This post may be sponsored. Post contains affiliate links. I may be compensated if you make a purchase using my link. Did you know that a wreath with holly, red berries and other decorations is at least as old as the 1600s? These easy tips for a natural […]

Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Groceries

If you have any tips for saving money on holiday groceries, I would love it if you shared them with me. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to put healthy food on the table without completely going over budget. As I put together my grocery list for the holidays, I’m trying to keep an eye […]

How To Have a Greener Christmas

These tips on how to have a greener Christmas will help you reduce waste and save money. I love being able to show off my Christmas spirit but I’d like to minimize the impact that has on our environment. Christmas can be a very commercialized holiday that lends itself to wasteful behavior if we aren’t […]

Easy Cranberry Candle Centerpiece for the Holidays

This easy cranberry candle centerpiece is perfect for your Thanksgiving or Christmas table. Plus, it costs only pennies to make! I got an email from a local flower shop telling me that they had centerpieces on sale for the holidays and I briefly considered it until I saw the prices ranged from $40 – $75 […]

Cranberry Stove Top Potpourri Recipe for the Holidays

This homemade cranberry stove top potpourri recipe will fill your house with the delicious scents of the season! I really love using simmering potpourri to scent my home. So many of the air fresheners I see in the store use artificial fragrances. Those aren’t good for my family or my pets to inhale. By using […]