Cooking the Dutch Oven Way [25 Recipes to Cook Today]

Cooking the Dutch Oven way is the ideal way to cook while camping. I love my Dutch Oven.  In the summer we can cook over an open fire outside.  In the winter I can use it on my wood stove. Or, I can just use it on top of the kitchen stove. A Dutch Oven is […]

Skillet Baked Mac and Cheese

I love my cast iron. There is something about cooking and baking with cast iron that just gives food a different taste. Of course, you need to make sure that the cast iron is cared for properly too. You don’t care for it the same way as traditional cookware. If you haven’t already, take a […]

Hot Artichoke and Sun-Dried Tomato Dip Baked in Cast Iron

You will love this hot artichoke and sun-dried tomato dip! I absolutely love tomatoes. I love tomatoes in all their forms whether it’s sliced tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, stewed tomatoes or spaghetti sauce. So it may come as a surprise to you that I had never before tried a sun-dried tomato. I’d seen them […]