Pure Leaf Mocktail Drink Recipes for Kentucky Derby Day!

You will love these drink recipes for Kentucky Derby Day! The Kentucky Derby is always the first Saturday in May and this year, that is May 5th. While we don’t bet on the races, I do love watching the horses run. You can’t live in Vermont and not love horses! Our state animal is the Morgan […]

Non-Alcoholic Orange Tangerine Mimosa Recipe

You are going to LOVE this non-alcoholic orange tangerine mimosa recipe! I’ll let you in on a little secret. I love fruity little drinks in fancy glasses. Nothing makes me feel more pampered than a sparkling tropical drink on a hot day. I may be sipping it sitting in a lawn chair in my backyard […]

Making Root Beer at Home an Easy Root Beer Recipe

Have you ever wondered about making root beer at home? Root beer was made as early as the American Colonies. It’s really not difficult to make your own. But, like many things, we have become used to buying them at the store instead of making them ourselves. Since Marty enjoys rootbeer, I decided this would […]

How to Make Your Own Hot Chocolate

The kids and I love hot chocolate, and I decided to share with you how to make your own hot chocolate, so you’ll have a chance to try it yourself. While there are days I buy hot chocolate packets or k-cups, making hot chocolate from scratch is simple enough to do that I should do […]