Roasted Radishes with Honey

I hate radishes. Yes, you heard me right. I hate them and always have. After I had learned that radishes are one of the foods that may help your pH level, I decided to give them a try one more time. Not only may radishes help your pH level, but they also are high in […]

What to Do With Fresh Basil During the Summer Time

I love fresh herbs from my garden but by the end of the summer, my herb garden has started to go crazy.  I’m seriously wondering what to do with fresh basil right now. I know you can add it to spaghetti sauce but really, there are only so many days a week that I want […]

Aunt Diane’s Greek Tomato Salad Recipe For Summer

I found this Greek Tomato Salad recipe in Homegrown Herbs by Tammi Hartung and have reprinted it with permission. At the height of summer, we always have so many extra tomatoes in our garden. While I enjoy making my own sauce and salsa, I like a non-cook option for when the weather gets super hot. It’s […]