Easy Roasted Asparagus Lemon Recipe in the Oven

I made this easy roasted asparagus lemon recipe on a blog trip I went on last week. It was so simple and delicious that I wanted to let you know about it so you could try it. I’m always looking for simple recipes with great taste I can make for the holidays. There’s enough craziness […]

How to Make Easy Pickled Asparagus

This easy pickled asparagus recipe is a great way to welcome spring. I love asparagus and since my parents have some growing in their yard, I always seem to have a bit extra to use up. Most of the asparagus recipes I find have added breadcrumbs or cheese, and I was looking for something a […]

Easy Asparagus Appetizer: Asparagus Tomato Parmesan Squares

This easy asparagus appetizer is perfect for the holidays or even for a light lunch. I first made these Asparagus Tomato Parmesan Squares when I was looking for an easy way to encourage the kids to eat more vegetables. While my kids generally eat veggies, they’d much rather graze on them than sit down to […]

Hollandaise Sauce Recipe & Kitchen Science Experiment

This post has been sponsored. When I was younger, I did fairly well in school. Unfortunately, I always seemed to struggle with math and science. I was much happier reading a book or learning about our past than I was trying to understand math and science. It appears that my son has developed my lack […]

Easy Spring Frittata Recipe: Asparagus and Potato Frittata

Today I’m sharing this simple frittata recipe. I have been trying to be careful of what I eat lately.  I am reducing fat and trying to include more vegetables in my diet. One of the easiest ways for me to include more vegetables in my diet is to make a quiche.  With our own ducks […]

Bacon Quiche Recipe With Asparagus and Walking Onions

This asparagus and bacon quiche recipe is one of my favorites. One of my favorite spring foods is asparagus.  While we don’t grow any in the garden, I always look for fresh asparagus in the grocery store when it’s spring.   This quiche recipe includes not only asparagus but also Egyptian Walking Onions from our […]

Easy Asparagus Recipes: Creamy Asparagus Soup With Prosciutto

Finding easy asparagus recipes isn’t as difficult as you’d think. I have seen some truly amazing asparagus dishes with fancy sauces and multiple step recipes. As much as I would love to have one of these for dinner, it isn’t likely that I’ll be preparing them in my kitchen. I rarely have time for complicated […]

20+ Asparagus Frittata and Quiche Recipes for Spring

Doesn’t an asparagus frittata sound delicious? Since the chickens have started laying again, I’m finding myself overrun with eggs at a time of the year when I don’t expect to be. I decided to make a frittata tonight for dinner since I have a can of asparagus I’d like to use up & no one but […]