Schnitz un Knepp Recipe – Ham and Apple Dumplings

You have got to try this Schnitz un Knepp recipe! I know, you’re probably wondering “What the heck is that?” but just keep on reading! Years ago, I visited the Pennsylvania Dutch country as a teenager and have been fascinated with the Amish lifestyle and recipes since then.  You  may also like: Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce […]

Easy Festive Fall Fruit Soup Recipe

This easy festive fall fruit soup uses fresh fall apples, pears, and cranberries and is a delicious healthy alternative to traditional fall desserts. While I love crisps, crumbles, and pies, they aren’t exactly healthy desserts for the most part. This fall fruit soup recipe is sweet enough to be considered a light fruit dessert without […]

What Mom Never Told You About Ambrosia Salad

Ambrosia is sweet magic stuff that was eaten by the gods! No, it is! Historically, ambrosia was the sweet stuff that Greek gods ate to stay powerful and immortal. Without it, they became weak and human-like. When most of us think about ambrosia, we think about Ambrosia Salad. But, here’s something you probably didn’t know. […]

Learn How to Pick Wild Apples the Right Way

If you already know how to pick wild apples the right way, you’ll want to head over to my Wild Apple Crumb Pie Recipe right now. If you’re not quite sure how to get started, keep reading and you can bake that pie later. Learn How to Pick Wild Apples the Right Way The area […]

Easy Paleo Apple Butter Recipe in the Crock Pot for Fall

Have you ever made a Paleo apple butter? One of my favorite memories from when I was younger is going apple picking. I love everything about it including the smell of fall, climbing up and down the ladder to get the apples and the delicious, crisp taste of your first fall apple. Once you get […]

13 Easy Apple Recipes for Fall You Have to Try Today

You need to try these easy apple recipes! Every fall, I try to go apple picking. We have quite a few orchards in rural Vermont so it’s not hard to find somewhere to go. While there are a few wild apple trees on the road we live, they tend to be small and sour. I […]

Caramelized Apple Cake Recipe That’s Perfect for Fall

This Caramelized Apple Cake Recipe is absolutely amazing! Living in rural Vermont, the one thing we have a lot of is apples.  It seems like you cannot walk more than half a mile in any direction and find old abandoned apple trees that used to be part of someone’s farm orchard. We pick apples each […]

Healthy Granola Apple Crisp Recipe in 30 Minutes

You will love this granola apple crisp recipe! Autumn is here and for me, that means apple season. When I think of apples, I think of apple crisp. I love it warm from the oven with whipped cream on top. It’s one of my favorite autumn desserts and it brings back fond memories of my […]

How Can I Store Fresh Fall Apples So They Last Longer

Are you wondering how to store fresh fall apples? It’s almost apple season again, and I am looking forward to picking apples at our local orchard. Vermont is known for several different types of apples and we have quite a few orchards in our area. Each year, I try to go apple picking at least once. […]

Quick Apple Cake Recipe for Unexpected Company

Are you looking for a quick apple cake recipe that you can make in an hour or less?  Every now and then, friends or family will call and say they’re stopping by unexpectedly. I like to have some sort of dessert to offer them with coffee when they get here. I prefer not to buy […]