Understanding Ways an ADHD Brain is Different and Unique

Parents who have raised children with ADHD have probably wondered in what ways an ADHD brain is different from a brain without ADHD. As a mom who has raised a daughter with ADD and a son with ADHD, I can tell you that there are differences in how they think, act, and respond to everyday […]

Support for Parents with Children Who Have Learning Disabilities

Being a parent isn’t easy even in the best of times. There’s no instruction book that goes along with your child and most parents feel lost at least every other day. At least, I know I did. For parents with children who have learning disabilities, parenting can be even more overwhelming. There are so many […]

College Planning Tips for Kids with ADHD

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Kaplan Test Prep. I received compensation to write this post, and any opinions expressed are my own, and reflect my actual experience. Sarah is a senior in college and David is a senior in high school this year. That means that this year is going to have some […]

Tips for Managing Teens with ADHD as Parent

Here are a few tips for managing teens with ADHD. I could tell that my children were a bit different from a young age.  I was devastated the first time the school called me to tell me my child was “a problem” in class.  What had I done wrong? How had my parenting skills failed? […]