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Keeping our grocery budget in check is important to me. We need to watch what we spend our money on so we can make sure we stay on top of bills and properly plan for the future.  I always use coupons when they will save us money on our grocery bill.   I also love participating in rewards programs that reward me for my purchases with extra savings. When I learned about the Scott Shared Values Rewards Program, I was excited!

Scott Shared Values

We always purchase Scott Naturals paper products because they are made from a blend of virgin and recycled paper products. It’s one of the few toilet papers that our septic system doesn’t have a problem with. With the Scott Shared Values program, I can sign up for coupons on any Scott paper product. As soon as I signed up, it offered me a .75c coupon on Scott bath tissue or Scott towels. If I chose to share the savings, I could also get $1.25 off select Scott® brand products when I shared the value of Scott Shared Values with 3 friends or post to my Facebook page.

Scott Shared Values

The Scott Shared Values program is about more than coupons though. There are some really awesome deals you can score as part of the program as well.  Right now you can get three Blockbuster Total Access rentals by mail, get a Free Admission Family Fun Pass, get Hertz discounts and upgrades,  and  get Scott Racing offers and discounts. It takes only a second to sign up, print your coupon, select the deals you want and share with friends.

Scott Shared Values

Scott Shared Values is a program that offers unique deals, special offers and rewards to its members. Signing up is free and takes only a minute. From there you pick and choose the values that are right for you and your family. The program runs through December 31, 2013 so sign up now & start saving. It took only seconds to sign up and is definitely worth while. It’s not often I see a $1.25 on 1 coupon!  Sign up here or on the widget on the side bar of my blog:

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Scott. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating and am able to earn additional rewards throughout the campaign.


  1. Rebecca L says:
    Thanks! I signed up. I'm always looking for savings!
  2. Who can't use coupons??? Thanks!
  3. diane grubbs says:
    Thanks for sharing
  4. Cathy Davis says:
    Thank you! Great coupon!
  5. LOVE my coupons!!

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