Win a box of ProBar Fruition gluten free bars – a super food snack!

With two teenagers, I cannot tell you how many times a day I hear “What can I have for a snack?” My 14 year old alone eats enough for two people and still manages to be thin.  I try very hard to be aware of what snack foods I bring into the house.  Yes, we splurge occasionally, but for the most part I make sure we have healthy food in the house for the kids to snack on.  If they are healthy and gluten free, that’s an even better choice since my daughter is gluten intolerant.

Probar Fruition gluten free bar

Probar Fruition gluten free bars

We’re very familiar with ProBars gluten free bars.  I love their original and Halo bars for snacks because they are not only good for you but they taste good.  ProBar has a new gluten free bar out that I haven’t seen yet in our grocery stores called Fruition.  Fruition is a fruit based superfood snack bar that is gluten free.  They contain dates, gluten-free raw oats, chia seeds and cashews and are available in six real fruit flavors.  Each Fruition bar contains and entire serving of fruit. This is a great way to get your kids to eat healthier.  These gluten free bars are available in peach, blueberry, strawberry, lemon, chocolate orange, cherry, and cran-raspberry. The bars have 4 grams of fiber and only 2 grams of fat!  Each bar has between 160 and 170 calories which is totally doable for a snack. I love that they are certified organic as well!

Probar Fruition gluten free bar

I try a lot of healthy snacks because I tend to be rather picky.  I’ve noticed that some snack bars that are labelled as high fiber and healthy are very dry which is a total turn off for me.  Like the other types of ProBars I’ve tried in the past, the Fruition are actually very moist and pleasantly chewy.  The fruit flavors really come through wonderfully and the chia seeds give them a great texture. After trying each of the flavors, I think that the peach is my favorite although it was hard to choose and the strawberry came in a very close second.

I hope to find this variety of ProBar gluten free bars in my store soon. They do have a store locator on their site that you can use or they can be purchased online.

One of my lucky readers will win a mixed box of ProBar Fruition gluten free bars to try!

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  1. Marilyn Wons says:
    I learned that you can buy on-line, order on the phone or buy in stores!
  2. I learned they have a smores bar too, how good does that sound!
  3. Serena Powell says:
    I learned that they are vegan
  4. Jennifer Reda says:
    i learned that i can buy these at my local whole foods
  5. Maryann D. says:
    I learned that they also have Sweet & Savory bars in flavors like Cocoa Pistachio, Maple Pecan and Cherry Pretzel. 
  6. Maryann D. says:
    I entered Naked Binder giveaway.
  7. Shannon Baas says:
    These sound wonderful.
  8. Theron Willis says:
    I learned that hemp seeds can be part of one's diet.Hope to win!
  9. twitted this today, 15/7 learned how easy it is to order
  10. I did learn that the Halo Honey Graham bar has 6% Iron in it! retirenavalflyer(at)
  11. Learned how easy it is to order!
  12. Linda Kish says:
    Each bar contains 4gm of fiber and 160 calories. That's pretty good for a snack.lkish77123 at gmail dot com
  13. scottsgal says:
    they are healthy plant based food
  14. I learned that these bars are vegan and have less than 200 calories per bar!
  15. 2008‘”VegNews, America’s premier vegetarian lifestyle magazine, is pleased to announce PROBAR’s Cocoa Pistachio bar as one of the year’s hottest new vegetarian products at the nation’s largest natural products trade show, Expo West.ky2here at msn dot com
  16. Colleen Maurina says:
    I learned that the Fruition Bars are designed to be satisfying on-the-go without the extra fat and calories.
  17. I learned that they have S'mores bars!
  18. ELIZABETH C. says:
    They have natural whole food ingredients and they are gluten free.
  19. Debra Sl says:
    Oh boy, I learned that I can satisfy my choco craving- they have dark chocolate bars! they have peanut butter chocolate bars! I want to try these! The fruition bars have cashews! Oh yum.
  20. Probar's whole line of products is healthy and based on plants
  21. Marysa N. says:
    I learned they make 3 kinds of bars, and there is a peanut butter chocolate chip bar that sounds amazing. And that my closest retailer of Probars is Eastern Mountain Sports. Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com
  22. Marysa N. says:
    Entered your Naked Binder giveaway. Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com
  23. I learned that they have HALO Smores Bars! Yum.
  24. they also sell halo products
  25. entered ReadyBright Kit
  26. glori johnson says:
    its gluten free
  27. Charlotte Padgett says:
    fruition is a serving of fruit in every bar at 160 calories each.
  28. Learned there are no stores that sell this within 50 miles from me. But learned they sell them online and over the phone.
  29. I learned they make HALO bars as well
  30. Sylvia White says:
    I learned that I can find them at our local REI store
  31. Renee G. says:
    The bars are a healthy plant based food that is gluten free.
  32. Kyl Neusch says:
    can buy these at my local whole foods
  33. Linda Kish says:
    Entered poachpodslkish77123 at gmail dot com
  34. twitted this today, 16/7
  35. Christine says:
    that they are vegan
  36. I learned the bars are vegan!
  37. Jacob LaFountaine says:
    They use 100% vegan organic ingredients
  38. A person can order online or by phone. tarter95 athotmail dot com
  39. natasha brodsky says:
    They are vegan, gluten-free products that are perfect for my family who is very conscience of these things.
  40. susan hartman says:
    They have been recommended by Good Morning America & Shape
  41. amy marantino says:
    i learned that they use natural whole food ingredients
  42. I learned that Chia Seeds have the highest known whole food source of Omega-3 acids, which promote cardiovascular and mental health
  43. I learned that I need to try the Halo Bars!
  44. their company’s goal is to change how the world thinks when it comes to real, whole food. 
  45. I learned that they have many different bar types and flavors
  46. I learned they've been recommended by Shape magazine.
  47. Judy Gregory says:
    i learned i really want to try the maple pecan. i love these 2 flavors separate or together
  48. Judy Gregory says:
    i learned i really want to try the maple pecan. i love these 2 flavors separate or together
  49. entered poach pod
  50. twitted this today, 17/7
  51. Jeni Mitchell says:
    I learned that this company is truly dedicated to their product and to providing a plant based whole food bar, that is the healthiest it can be.
  52. Jennifer B. says:
    They have been featured in numerous magazines.
  53. Laura Jacobson says:
    I learned that they have One serving of fruit in every bar!  Love that they are gluten free!  It is so hard to find good gluten free foods, although I will say since being diagnosed over 5 years ago, gluten free has come along way!  Thats for sure!
  54. I learned that they received an award from Whole Foods for Best Nutrition Bar in 2009.
  55. I entered the Naked Binder giveaway
  56. Laura Jacobson says:
    I entered your poachpods giveaway
  57. There's a new flavor: Superslam fruit!Thanks!
  58. I entered the ReadyBright giveaway!
  59. sarah buki says:
    the bars are vegan!
  60. mrsshukra says:
    These bars are vegan, great!
  61. Marcia Goss says:
    On the website, you can locate a store that sells Probars.
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  63. Jeni Lutz says:
    I learned they are vegan and gluten free
  64. Cool!
  65. Cool!
  66. susan varney says:
    sweet and savory are Certified Organic and 100% Vegan
  67. That they're vegan!
  68. Shelley P says:
    I learned that they were Voted BEST Meal Replacement bar for women by SHAPE Magazine.
  69. Shelley P says:
    entered the Southern Living What's for Supper? giveaway
  70. entered readerdock
  71. healthy plant based!
  72. twitted this today, 19/7
  73. Kristi H. says:
    These bars have been recommended by Good Morning America.
  74. I learned that they are vegan and all-natural no GMOs or transfats inside!
  75. Georgiana says:
    Certified Organic and gluten-free, no transfats and available nationwide!
  76. I learned Shape Magazine voted them best meal replacement bar
  77. susan hartman says:
    I entered reader dock
  78. twitted this today, 20/7
  79. Hollie Jahnke says:
    That they are gluten-free
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    Entered the ReadyBright Starter House giveaway
  81. I learned they have a smores bar too
  82. Diana Stanhope says:
    I learned they have a kettle corn variety, that sounds interesting. 
  83. You can find them nationwide at Whole Foods a healthy vgan bar with no GMOs too! Thanks!
  84. DAMIAN JARREAU says:
    I learned that it is gluten free
  85. Ginger b. says:
    I learned you can buy online, by phone, or in store.
  86. Melissa Shirley says:
    These bars are plant based and healthy
  87. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:
    I learned that I can get these at whole foods
  88. Chrystal J. says:
    I learned that their foods are vegan.
  89. Ed Nemmers says:
    ProBar Fruition is vegan!
  90. I learned that they have smore bares- YUM!!!
  91. Lesley F says:
    Made with healthy plant based food products
  92. Delectable combinations of whole grains, chunky nuts and delicious fruit in 8 flavors that will simply satisfy.
  93. twitted this today, 21/7
  94. Alicia K says:
    they contain chia!
  95. they have Chia in it! been wanting to see what that taste like.. and the have a sweet and savory collection
  96. enter wholly guacamole prize
  97. entered wholly salsa
  98. You can buy them at stores, on line, or by phone.
  99. Margot C says:
    Fruition is the latest gluten-free addition to the PROBAR family.
  100. Aaron Bretveld says:
    I just learned that the Fruition bars do contain figs as part of the mix. I just hope that they don't dominate the flavor of the fruit very much.
  101. Angela Winesburg says:
    I learned that they also have Sweet & Savory bars
  102. Jennifer J says:
    I learned that they are Certified Organic, 100% Vegan. Thanks!
  103. I learned that they are around 160 calories.
  104. Amy Woods-Smith says:
    I learned that they create healthy plant based food products.
  105. micheal dale grim says:
    i learned that there less than 200 calories,thats a good thing!!!
  106. I learned these are Vegan also they come in smores flavor very nice.
  107. Gluten FREE
  108. Brenda Elsner says:
    They are gluten free.
  109. I learned they also make Halo snacks.
  110. Entered Xbox
  111. Entered Lowe's/Ikea
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  113. shirley zolenski says:
    I learned that they all have less than 200 calories
  114. twitted this today, 22/7
  115. Margaret B says:
    Probars are healthy plant based food products
  116. I learned that PROBAR Featured on ABC’s Good Morning America.
  117. ordering these are so easy

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