Photography Challenge – Gratitude, Your Weakness, Shoes #febphotoaday

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I am really falling behind on the photography challenge.  Life is getting in the way of all of my fun.  Here’s a quick catch up.  I was at a loss how to show gratitude so I decided to show something I am grateful for instead. Yes, the picture is of our chickens and no I’m not really thankful for the chickens. I am thankful we have  a life that lets us be semi self sufficient. We’re working on it more and more each day but at least we have started. This one was taken with an iPhone so the size is a bit off.

Photography Challenge Chickens

Photography Challenge – Gratitude

The next photograph is supposed to be my weakness.  I have three weaknesses in my life: shoes, coffee, and nail polish. Since the third photography challenge is my shoes, I figured I’d share with you my coffee addiction instead. It’s a Keurig… Cuisinart style. I love it… I would probably cease to function without it. I’m quite sure I’d be miserable (and so would everyone else).

Photography Challenge Keurig

Photography Challenge – Your Weakness

Today since I am not leaving the house, I am wearing my comfy warm slippers instead of shoes.  I briefly considered hauling all my shoes into the middle of the bedroom for a group photo but last count I had over thirty and I am not up for that much work right now.

Photography Challenge Shoes

Photography Challenge – Your Shoes

If you’d like to play along with this photography challenge, head over to Freshly Simple and see what tomorrow’s topic is! Have you been taking any interesting photographs lately? What types do you enjoy taking and what do you find to be the most challenging? I think I’m getting pretty good at food photography – at least for a non-professional type person.  I still really struggle with abstract photography and home decor type pictures.

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  1. Tiffany Cruz says:
    I'm so glad you posted more pictures of your chickens. I'm totally jealous of your coffee maker. I need to upgrade mine.
    • Ellen Christian says:
      Thanks, Tiffany! I don't do all that many outside pictures in the winter but will definitely have more when it warms up. I love my Keurig. I would definitely be lost without it!

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