5 Easy Tips for Winter Stone Planter Care

Winter is Coming! And, if you live in the northern half of the country, winter can damage your favorite garden accents. Today, I’m sharing five easy tips for winter stone planter care. Any piece that can hold water, snow, or ice, OR any piece that is placed directly on the ground, can be damaged by […]

How to Make a Difference by Volunteering

I am participating in a VIN campaign. This is a sponsored post by AARP® Credit Card from Chase. The content and opinions expressed below are my own. I am in no way affiliated with AARP Credit Card from Chase and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. It’s important to me to give […]

Maintaining Vaginal Health Post Menopause

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by MonaLisa Touch®. I received compensation for this post. All opinions stated are my own. Have you ever considered your vaginal health post menopause? We all know that our bodies go through all sorts of changes during menopause from fluctuations in hormone levels to weight gain. As […]

Only Natural Pet Food Available Now at PetSmart Stores and Online

Have you ever wondered how to find natural pet food near you? I live in a somewhat rural location, so our shopping selection isn’t the best at our grocery store. There are many times that I’m looking for a particular product, and I just cannot find it. This can be true for any specialized diet […]

4 Sleep-based Tips to Improve IBS Symptoms

I recently shared a few supplement-based tips that people with IBS or IBS-related symptoms can try to improve their symptoms naturally. This week, I wanted to continue the discussion by talking about sleep-based tips to improve IBS symptoms. Thank you again to HealthyCare.me for sponsoring this conversation. 4 Sleep-based Tips to Improve IBS Symptoms There […]

Why I Take Glucosamine Every Day

This post is sponsored by Nature’s Way® Joint Movement Glucosamine®. I have been compensated for this post but all opinions are my own. Why I Take Glucosamine Every Day For me, a healthy lifestyle includes being active every day. I don’t run marathons or participate in kickboxing championships. I walk, stretch, do yoga, ride my […]

Enter to Win a Wonderful Halos Thanksgiving Gift Box

It’s almost Thanksgiving time, and I’m thinking about what I’ll be serving this year. Of course, we always have turkey and stuffing, but there are all of the extras to plan as well. I know I’ll make my homemade cranberry sauce and probably my mashed sweet potatoes. And, we’ll have a big bowl of Wonderful Halos […]

Top 5 Health & Wellness Essentials You Can Save On

Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me, but I’m the first person to admit that it can be expensive if you’re not careful. Have you ever tried to fill your grocery cart with only organic options when you shop each week? That can definitely put me over budget for the entire month if I’m […]

How to Repot Plants and Regrow Celery

I love having a garden and indoor plants but I don’t always give them the attention they need.  Several of my houseplants need repotting.  They are too big for their current pots, and there isn’t enough nutrition in the soil for them to be happy.  My houseplants are all in different rooms so I forget about them. […]

Support for Parents with Children Who Have Learning Disabilities

Being a parent isn’t easy even in the best of times. There’s no instruction book that goes along with your child and most parents feel lost at least every other day. At least, I know I did. For parents with children who have learning disabilities, parenting can be even more overwhelming. There are so many […]