How to Make Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage

Do you know how to make Instant Pot corned beef and cabbage? Before I got my Instant Pot, corned beef and cabbage was an all day affair. Corned beef brisket is generally a tough cut of meat and to make it tender, you’d need to cook it for a long time. That’s not true anymore […]

5 Simple Tips to Stay Clean and Fresh After 40

Have you ever noticed that now that you’re over 40, it’s a challenge some days to stay clean and fresh? I’m not sure if it’s the fluctuating hormones, the hot flashes, stress or what but there are days I feel less fresh than I want to. As if there aren’t enough things that I have […]

How to Help Pets in Need by Donating Food Meals

My husband and I discussed how to help pets in need in our area. Each year, we plan to donate our time and money to a few important charities. It’s an easy way for us to give back and help others in need. While we donate to our local Humane Society, we wanted a way […]

How to Find Balance in Your Life When You’re Too Busy

Have you ever wondered how to find balance in your life when you’re too busy? When I think of balance, I think of yoga and meditating and long walks in the woods while I commune with nature. While that would be great, I don’t often have huge chunks of time to devote to peace, quiet […]

25 Instant Pot Meals for a Busy Saturday

Have you ever had a busy Saturday where you completely forgot about dinner? These past few weeks have been crazy, especially the weekends. Our refrigerator died. My desk broke. Our phone stopped charging. I’ve been searching for a few simple meals to make on a busy Saturday and have decided that my Instant Pot is […]

Tips to Keep Plastic Containers Organized In The Kitchen

I hope these tips to keep plastic containers organized will help cut down on the clutter and confusion in your kitchen. Feeding six people means that I tend to make larger meals and save leftovers for lunches. To make this simple, I have a variety of different types and sizes of plastic and glass containers. […]

Waste and Plastic Free Easter Party Ideas for an Eco Easter

These waste and plastic free Easter party ideas are great options for people who are interested in lessening their environmental footprint. So many holidays are overly commercial and encourage us to buy things that we really don’t need. It’s easy to get pulled into the commercialism of holidays. I’m guilty of indulging in a few […]

Why You Should Be Applying Lotion to Wet Skin Not Dry

Have you ever heard that you should be applying lotion to wet skin? For most people, this goes against everything we’ve been taught. We keep bottles of hand lotion or body lotion on our desks at work or in our bedside table. But, how many of us keep a bottle of lotion in the shower with our body […]

24 Main Dish Recipes That Use Real Maple Syrup

I’m not sure it’s possible to be from Vermont and not love recipes that use real maple syrup. Since my Dad was born and raised in Vermont, we have always had real Vermont maple syrup. If your only exposure to maple syrup is from imitation syrups in the grocery store, please go find a jug […]

Best Tech Gadgets for Minimalist Living

Why am I sharing the best tech gadgets for minimalist living? There was a discussion in one of my minimalism groups last week about how technology and minimalism fit together. Some people felt that technology had no part in minimalism. Others felt that using technology made living a minimalist life easier for them. It made […]