Win Modge Podge Rocks! Decoupage Your World by Amy Anderson & Modge Podge supplies!

Modge Podge Rocks

There’s just something amazing about decoupaging. It is the ultimate eco-friendly craft.  I love finding old boxes, glasses, candle holders and other forgotten treasures and using decoupage to turn them into a completely new things. Modge Podge is an amazing all in one glue, sealer and finish that literally has more uses than I can think of.  It is a fast drying product that is water based so it’s super easy to clean up.  It’s non toxic so not only can I feel good about using it, I can feel good about letting the kids use it too.

Modge Podge Rocks! Decoupage Your World by Amy Anderson is a craft book that features forty plus projects that all use Modge Podge. The introductory chapter in the beginning of the book gives you a brief overview of what Modge Podge is in case you aren’t familiar with it. It also explains the different Modge Podge formulas and what types of projects each one is best suited for.  It also shows examples of the types of projects included in the book that you can use each type of Modge Podge for. The introduction also explains how you should prepare the various surfaces and the materials for the best results.

The craft projects themselves are broken down by different types.  There are chapters for Wearables, Home Decor and Holiday projects.  Each project includes several photographs of the finished project as well as many step by step photographs of the steps you’ll need to take to create the project.  There is a brief description of the project along with a What You’ll Need section that lists the supplies you’ll need.  The What You’ll Do section lists the step by step directions you should follow to make the project yourself.    All of the necessary templates are located in the back of the book for you to photocopy and cut out.  There is also a really neat gallery at the end of the book that shows off some other creations made with Modge Podge along with the crafter’s websites so you can see more of their ideas.

I love the variety of crafts included in Modge Podge Rocks!  There are ideas that are suitable for kids (Bottle Cap Necklace) and for adults (Zig Zag Atomic Mailbox).   You can create a Sewing Notions Ribbon Organizer for yourself or a Party Time Gift Bag for someone else.  These crafts are doable by anyone from beginner to someone with previous decoupage experience.  The Miss Matchy Glass Canisters are a great beginner’s project and the Halloween Countdown Calendar will challenge a more experienced crafter.  You could also work with a child on many of these crafts as well.

If you’re looking for new inspiration or would like to learn a new craft, Mod Podge Rocks!: Decoupage Your World is a great place to start! Take a look at the cute magnets I made using Modge Podge.

One of my lucky readers will win Modge Podge Rocks! and Modge Podge supplies to make their own projects!
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  1. Bailey Martin says:
    I love transforming things, making them different and beautiful!
  2. Melanie L says:
    I would love to win this. My daughter and I craft together and she loves painting the modpodge on (She is 4)
  3. Jaque R. says:
    I do crafts...sometimes I feel silly saying that, but it is true. :-) Thank you.
  4. susan hartman says:
    I actually want decoupage a table.  Maybe this will give my a special neededvpush.
  5. susan hartman says:
    I entered Happy applique
  6. I have so many ideas for crafts that I want to do this would be great.
  7. Id like to win so I can try out a different art medium.
  8. Entered Energizer battery giveaway.
  9. I would love to win this so I can do all those awesome DIY projects that are on pinterest! :)
  10. i'd like to win for my daughter--she's an artist
  11. MP has an endless #s of possibilities for crafts. Its really an amazing product! Spray MP sealer works awesome on all types of materials.
  12. entered Win $3000 Disney Cruise for a family of 4
  13. My daughter--age 5-- has never modge podged! I remember doing this when I was a kid--I would love to craft with her this summer!
  14. Kathlean Owens says:
    I want to win because I make a lot of crafts and have been invited to join a crafts bizarre in October. This way I wouldn't have to buy Mod Podge.
  15. Serena Powell says:
    I've never had the chance to use Modge Podge so it would be nice to be able to try it out.
  16. I've only used modge podge once and loved it! I would love to do more projects with it! :-)
  17. have a few projects in mind and this is what I need to do them
  18. because I love crafty new things!
  19. Monja Blue says:
    Modge Podge, a fantastic product, does indeed Rock! I have several old pieces to re-purpose for an elderly neighbor!
  20. Monja Blue says:
    I entered your Dyson giveaway, too!
  21. judy gregory says:
    i've been trying to get my roomie into crafting but right now we don't have the extra$$$$$
  22. Tracie Brown says:
    i want to win because I am always looking for new crafts to do with my daughter!
  23. kristel hase says:
    I am constantly doing crafts for my blog with my friends. I love making gifts for birthdays and holidays. I never buy gifts.. unless its a birthday i forgot about and was too late to make something :)
  24. elven johnson says:
    I love modge podge. My grandma showed me how to use it long ago & I've not stopped using it.
  25. I would love to win. I use Modge Podge to make book covers stick to books
  26. Sylvia White says:
    I loce doing crafts and would love to try this item
  27. Margot C says:
    I am old enough to remember the 1970s vogue for this and would like to do it again!
  28. Maryann D. says:
    I would love to win this for my daughter, she is an artist and art major and she always needs supplies and love to do crafts also.
  29. Michelle Macaluso says:
    I would love to win this for my daughter. She loves crafts and makes the most amazing things. She is always looking for new stuff to try and I think this would be great!
  30. I would like to win for some DIY projects for my son's nursery. He is due in August.
  31. Melissa Zimmerman says:
    I would like to win because I need new projects!!!!
  32. Julie Cutshaw says:
    Because I love to decoupage roses on to lots of items and give them new look new life new meaning and mod lodge is the only product that makes it look so real so pretty thanks
  33. Candice Hull says:
    I have never used modge podge out of fear :D but have been really wanting to make these comic book shoes that I saw online that were $100! with this, i could make them for under $20. Thank you for the chance to win!
  34. I love crafting but i have never gotten into decoupage before even though i've been seeing and hearing so much about it only because mod podge is kinda expensive to use on a regular basis.I would absolutely love to be able to kickstart this particular field with your help :))
  35. Entered dove men care products my dad is gonna love those :))
  36. Leann Lindeman says:
    I love Mod Podge! So many things that you can do with it! My bottle is OLD. I could use some new!
  37. Stephanie Hungerford says:
    I love to Mod Podge. I use the Mod Podge glue sealer to dress up plain boxes that I have received in the mail or from the Grocery store to make pretty boxes to help organize my apartment.
  38. Stephanie Hungerford says:
    I entered your Stash Happy Applique contest
  39. Really love the endless ideas decopauging has in store!
  40. Maryann D. says:
    I entered:  Dove Men + Care products
  41. Stephanie Gregory says:
    I am a girl scout troop leader. My girls would love to use this in crafts. Thank you for the chance!
  42. Candy Johnstone says:
    I haven't used Modge Podge in years! Now that I have 3 little ones it would be fun to do some crafty things with or for them.
  43. I have never used Modge Podge!! But, I have so many cool crafts pinned on my Pinterest that I would like to try!
  44. I haven't used Modge podge in years, but it would be a great asset to crafting with my toddler.
  45. my mom loves modge podge and I would love to start using it in crafts with my 2 year old :)
  46. I've got so many projects I want to try using Modge Podge, this would be a great start!!
  47. i'd like to try decoupage
  48. entered tv dinner giveaway
  49. Tina Bartunek says:
    This would be great to win...I do so many craft projects.
  50. Robin Phelps says:
    I love Mod Podge I use it for decoupage.
  51. My kids and I would have so much fun with this during the summer!
  52. Melissa S says:
    It would be nice to start a new craft project.
  53. I would like to do some craft projects with my daughters!
  54. Vivian Tran says:
    I would love to win so I can spend my summer crafting! I've always wanted to try modge podge!
  55. April V. says:
    I love to use Modge Podge and seeing new project ideas would be great.
  56. Holly S. says:
    Because I love making things with my own hands! Thanks!
  57. I would love to win because I like making crafts, and I think it would be fun to work with.
  58. I entered the Uncommon Goods and the Dove Men giveaways.
  59. Kimberly Hilbert says:
    My daughter and I love to use it. We take empty Crystal Light containers and Mod Podge colorful tissue paper in small pieces on it. It makes great pencil, pen, paint brushes and marker holders.
  60. Trixie Dotson says:
    I'd like to win so I can finally be motivated to start on all those arts and crafts projects I have bookmarked! XDretic14 at gmail dot com
  61. Kimberly Riffle says:
    I would like to win because I use Mod Podge to make scrabble tile pendants.
  62. Mary Beth Elderton says:
    I'd love to win, because I love to do things with my hands.  
  63. Pamela Bice says:
    I have alot of projects planned that I could use this with.
  64. Barbara Scaff says:
    I would LOVE to win this because in our house we start planning/prepping for Halloween and Christmas in the summer!
  65. Christina says:
    I create collages that I show professionally at art galleries and have never used Modge Podge and wonder if it could help my endeavor.
  66. Candice Hull says:
    I entered the Uncommon Goods giveaway
  67. I love Mod Podge! If won, I can see fun projects in my future.
  68. tricia dunkle says:
    I would love to have this to do crafts with my daughter
  69. Laura Lane says:
    I want to make over some old things in my house and make them pretty.
  70. Laura Lane says:
    summer social
  71. Miz Vickik says:
    Because Modge Podge is great stuff-- and I really liked your magnets! I'm saving your instructions!
  72. Miz Vickik says:
    entered Dove Men + Care
  73. DeeAnn S says:
    I'd like to win because I Love Modge Podge. I'm currently making a few trinket boxes and will be using it to finish my projects. Thanks.
  74. DeeAnn S says:
    entered Exit Humanity DVD
  75. I would love to win because Modge Podge is such fun, and I love working with it in my art studio. Next I plan to use it to create a frame for our daughters room. Thank you for the lovely giveaway! Erin E busymom369 at gmail dot com
  76. Abby Kraynick says:
    I want to win because this is a craft that my kids & I love to do. Great family Time ♥
  77. Abby Kraynick says:
    I enter 2 other contests on your page, The batteries & the Mens Dove
  78. Paula Tavernie says:
    Because I love doing Crafts!ptavernie at yahoo dot com
  79. DAMIAN JARREAU says:
    I would like to win this for my niece because she likes doing crafts
  80. I entered the $600 prize pack giveaway.
  81. I entered the Uncommon Goods giveaway.
  82. I entered the LCD HDTV giveaway
  83. I entered the Dove Men's giveaway.
  84. I entered the Swim Spot giveaway.
  85. I entered the Exit Humanity giveaway.
  86. Theresa D says:
    I would love to win because I have an old box that I have been meaning to do something with and Modge Podge sounds like it would be perfect.
  87. Jennifer M says:
    The kids and I are starting to do a lot of crafts and I'd love to have this handy.
  88. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:
    need for crafts vmkids3 at msn dot com
  89. Stefani K says:
    I haven't done a lot of modge podging yet, but I'd like to get more into it.
  90. i'd like to win so i can make some crafts i've been thinking about for awhile :)
  91. i entered the men dove + care products giveaway
  92. I love Modge Podge. This would be great for lots of summer activities.
  93. I would like to win because I have never used Modge Podge before and I would love to modge podge my son's letters in his room!
  94. Laura Abel says:
    I would love to win this giveaway, because it is true, Mod Podge does Rock! I have used Mod Podge is so many different Craft projects that one can't even list them. It is fun and versatile. I love making crafts with my Daughter and 2 grandkids!
  95. I love Modge Podge and having more crafting inspiration is always welcomed!
  96. my daughter is really into arts and crafts and this would be a great surprise for her
  97. I really like mod podge and would love more ideas on how to use it.
  98. I would like to win because I love to decoupage. Thanks for the giveaway.
  99. candace swoveland says:
    my 8 year old loves making items
  100. i want o win because this stuff is amazing!!! i use it all the time
  101. We are just teaching my grandson how to decoupage and Mod Podge - well, it does rock, and is what we use.
  102. I do a lot of crafting and this would be great for some projects that I have wanted to work on
  103. Melanie Montgomery says:
    We do a lot of crafts in my house.
  104. We do lots of crafts and can always use new craft supplies.
  105. entered  Dove giveaway
  106. Jessica Hays says:
    We just got into modge podge and I would love to win this so my child and I can have some arts and crafts supplies!!jessicaahays at hotmail dot com
  107. Heather Poindexter says:
    My mom did this and I love it! However she passed away and this is something I would like to do!
  108. Nicole C. says:
    I would like to win because me and my daughter would love to try this craft!
  109. Brittani says:
    My little sister would love this!
  110. Jessica A says:
    My daughter is a huge fan of Modge
  111. I am obsessed with Mod Podge, I use it for SO MANY THINGS.
  112. Ginger b. says:
    I would like to do crafts with the kids.
  113. Roxann Clark says:
    Always looking for exciting crafts
  114. Amanda C says:
    I would use it to play with my 2 year old.
  115. This would be a great way to have family fun and show creativity
  116. entered dove men care
  117. entered swimspot gc
  118. Gail Fernandez says:
    I would love to use this to make things with my kids.
  119. paige jagan says:
    I craft somewhat but have never tried modge podge!
  120. shirley zolenski says:
    I would love to win because I do crafting of all kinds
  121. heather c says:
    I have so many modge podge projects to do, thanks to pinterest!
  122. I want to make a necklace that requires Modge Podge

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