Try it Tuesday: How to make a patchwork cozy cone #crafts

I admit to being jut a teensy bit addicted to fabric. I don’t buy yards and yards of it. I tend to be more attracted to fat quarters and remnants than huge rolls of fabric. Every now and then I just need to make something. I don’t do big projects. I don’t have the time or attention span for that. I like little projects that I can finish in a day or two. Here’s my latest one. This project came from Stash Happy Patchwork by Cynthia Shaffer.

I’d recommend you get the book for the full instructions and templates but here’s the basic steps.

From your stash:

2 squares of fabric (two coordinating colors) 10×10″
Fabric scrap for the rosette


basic sewing tools
1/3 yard (.3m) batting (I used white felt)
embroidery floss or perle cotton
1 flat button and other embellishments (optional)
13″ (33cm) of wire

Make the cone:

1. Use the template to cut out coordinating fabric squares. Cut a top, middle and bottom portion of the cone.

2. Stitch the portions together.

3. Using the patchwork cone shapes as a template, cut out a piece of batting with an extra 1/4 inch (6mm) at the top curve. Layer the batting with the stitched cone piece.

4. Machine quilt if desired and stitch around the perimeter edges. Embroider accents with embroidery floss.

5. Overlap the edges of the cone by 2 1/2 inches and hand stitch them in place using a running stitch.

Make the rosette:

1. Cut a piece of fabric measures that 1×7″

2. Sew a running stitch along one lengthwise edge, gather up, and secure.

3. Stitch the flat button to the center of the rosette, and attach the rosette as desired onto the cone. Add additional embellishments if desired.


1. To add a handle, poke the ends of the wire through the top side edges of the cone. Bend the wire to secure. Add a ribbon to finish.

It’s not perfect but I think it came out pretty cute 🙂 Check out my book review of this book.

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