Holiday Birthdays and Making them Special with Hallmark

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My father is one of the most hard working people I know.  I left home at eighteen and never really appreciated that fact before I left.  I’m sure I should have sent him a card to thank him on a million different occasions.  About seventeen years ago, my parents moved from Connecticut to Vermont to be closer to me and their grandchildren in Vermont.  No matter what I have been through, my father has always been there for me. I have learned a lot from him – not only by watching how he lives his life but also because he is always there to answer my questions and give help when I need it.

Holiday Birthdays and Making them Special #BirthdaySmiles #cbias #shop

When our basement flooded a few years ago, he was the one that brought the sump pump over and helped pump the water out.  When we needed to buy a new car, he was the one that was there to help me find something safe and reliable.  When the faucet I was installing kept leaking, he was the one who told me about plumber’s tape.  No matter what it is, I know that I can turn to him for help and advice if I need to.

My father’s birthday is December 19th.  I have always felt that he got shorted on his birthday because it falls so close to the holidays.  It’s such a hectic time of year to fit in another party to attend that we decided to have him over for a pre-birthday party to make sure he had a great time that wasn’t overshadowed by Christmas preparations and events.

Holiday Birthdays and Making them Special

Here are a few tips that I try to follow to make holiday birthdays special:

  • Buy a birthday card. I know this one may seem like a simple tip but I have received Christmas cards for my birthday where someone has turned it into a combination card instead of a card for just happy birthday wishes.

Holiday Birthdays and Making them Special #BirthdaySmiles #cbias #shop

Holiday Birthdays and Making them Special #BirthdaySmiles #cbias #shop

To get ready for my father’s pre-birthday party, I headed to Walmart to pick up a card.  I always spend a long time trying to figure out what card to get.  I like the funny cards because they make me smile but I always want to get a more serious card to really let my Dad know how I’m feeling. I generally end up buying two cards because I cannot make up my mind. Hallmark has such a great selection of cards that today was no different.  I ended up buying a funny card and a sentimental card because I couldn’t choose just one.

I really appreciate the variety of Hallmark cards they have at Walmart. No matter what kind of birthday card I need, I can find it there and with their value cards, I can get several different cards without worrying about going over my budget.

  • Don’t decorate with holiday colors or serve Christmas cookies for your party.

Holiday Birthdays and Making them Special #BirthdaySmiles #cbias #shop

I try very hard to stay away from the Christmas theme when celebrating holiday birthdays.  I never wrap birthday presents in Christmas gift wrap or use Christmas tags on them.  I try to stay away from the red, green, and white Christmas decorating theme as well. Today I got some pretty fall carnations in red and salmon. Since my father isn’t a huge fan of sweets, I made a pumpkin cranberry coffee cake for his pre-birthday celebration.

  •  Consider having a pre-birthday party depending on how close to the holidays the birthday is.

Holiday Birthdays and Making them Special #BirthdaySmiles #cbias #shop

I hope that these tips for celebrating holiday birthdays help you when you’re planning your next party.  Did you know that you can set up a birthday card file, which will help you stay organized so you don’t forget to send birthday cards to friends and family throughout the year?  Remember  Connections from Hallmark are available at Walmart. Check out this digital magazine to get great ideas for the holidays.


  1. I love Hallmark! I especially love shopping there during the holidays! I just picked out a card yesterday for my mother in law! 
  2. What a fun and special birthday! I just adore Hallmark cards, they always have the perfect words!
  3. Looks like it was a very special birthday. I love Hallmark. They always have the cutest cards.
  4. I agree with you 100%. People who have birthdays close to holidays are often shorted because most people just combine the two Rather its Christmas, Valentines, etc. I like your idea of getting a card just for their birthday and not to decorate in the theme of the holiday itself but for their birthday. My birthday is in late October, any birthday party I've ever head - has been decorated in black and orange.
  5. I have 2 kids with birthday around major holidays and I know it is so tempting to just combine their birthday theme with the holiday theme...but I learned early on NOT to do that (unless the kid asks for it). I love Hallmark cards. There is definitely something special about getting a card picked out just for you by a family member or friend.
  6. I really like the Hallmark cards, especially the funny ones.   I really like cake and flowers as well.  :)
  7. I've been a hallmark shopper for over 20 years. They hands sown have the best cards and I love giving and receiving cards.
  8. These are great tips. My daughter's birthday is a week before Christmas and she often complains about her birthday getting lost in the holiday hassle. 
  9. My grand son's birthday is the 13the of December and mine is the 29th so I know all about birthdays around the holidays. I loved your tips and Happy Birthday to your dad!
  10. I love the idea of pre-birthdays. We have 4 family birthdays in December and it becomes a juggling act to make sure each person gets their special time. 
  11. I love Hallmark cards and I especially love receiving them from my husband and my sons.  They really do have a card and a saying for every occasion.
  12. That's really cool!  What a lovely tribute to your father.  Hallmark truly has a very nice selection of cards, I always find one that expresses what I want to say. 
  13. I agree, no christmas cookies/goodies for birthday's close to the holidays! Just not fair to them! Though, we did do a snowman ice cream cake for my mom on her 20,000th day alive party! :) Not the same, though, her birthday is in the spring.
  14. Cards are so important.  On my birthday, the cards I get mean so much more than the facebook post or text.  
  15. I just love Hallmark cards. I've always felt bad for those who share their birthdays with the holidays. I'm a strong believer in doing both.
  16. What a special birthday! Hallmark always helps bring a smile to loved ones faces! #client
  17. What great tips. I have one little one whose birthday is a week before Christmas and another who is a week later, so these totally make sense to me. Thanks
  18. I agree that there's not an occasion they don't cover. There's a Hallmark card for everything!
  19. You post has me missing my dad big time....very sweet post and great tips.
  20. My brother's bday is ON Halloween, we have a hard time finding cool bday cards but usually find funny Halloween cards!! Holidays Bdays have their ups/downs for sure!!  Your dad looks happy! :)
  21. I had one baby born on Thanksgiving day and the other born on New Years Eve. I totally understand the issues with holiday birthdays!
  22. I love Hallmark and nothing beats getting a "paper" card.. I love it.. nothing can ever replace a paper card.. great tips and loved your post... love the picture of your dad... Thanks for sharing
  23. Your dad looks so happy with his cards. My nephew was also born on 12/19 and we all try and keep it a birthday for him despite the hustle and bustle.
  24. I bet your dad absolutely loved the cards you chose and the thought that went into choosing them.  I love the ideas of how to make a holiday birthday special.  Thanks for sharing. #client
  25. Great Ideas!  No one wants to feel forgotten in the Holiday Hoopla!

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