Help COOKOO watch move into production with this Kickstarter campaign!

COOKOO watch is the first real watch that connects with your smartphone.  Unlike other smart watches, it doesn’t need to be recharged! How cool is that? The COOKOO watch helps you manage your Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone so you don’t have to check it constantly. I hate missing phone calls but I don’t have time to constantly check my phone for new texts or messages. The COOKOO watch will notify you when something happens on your smartphone even if it’s nowhere near you at the time!

Right now, the makers of the COOKOO watch have built prototypes of this amazing new watch. They are making final adjustments and filing for patent protection. They have chosen an established and reliable manufacturing partner, and are now testing the prototypes together with the Connected App for iOS. To move to the next step, they need your pledge in their Kickstarter campaign. Your pledge will help them fund:

  • Production test equipment and tooling
  • Large volume component orders
  • iOS and Android app development and fostering a developer community
All you need to do to help out is to submit a pledge of at least $1 to their Kickstrarter campaign. There are only eight days left to help them so please check it out today.

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  1. this is really cool. My husband is always mad because I never seem to have my phone with me when he needs to talk to me!
  2. Love to get one of these watches
  3. interesting - I have never heard of this

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