Get Organized for Back to School with these FREE Sites

Are you trying to get organized for back to school? School starts up here again on the 29th. Things are always a bit more unscheduled in the summer. The house doesn’t get cleaned as well. Meals are more spur of the moment. Things are just a little bit more unorganized. When school starts up, that’s time for me to really start getting things under control. We all have really busy schedules during the school year so there is very little time for chaos.

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Get Organized for Back to School with these FREE Sites

Get Organized for Back to School

I thought I’d share a few of the websites that I use to stay organized and in control. I hope you’ll find them as helpful as I do. I’m not an expert on any of them and I don’t use every single feature of every site but they do help.

Hot Coupon World

Definitely my all time favorite coupon site. You can search their database to find coupons you need. You can trade coupons with other members. You can look up deals by store. I search each week while I’m creating my grocery list so I can try to save as much as I can. There are also sections for crafts, DIY projects, frugal ideas, meal planning, recipes, gardening, and lots more.

Get organized for back to school with these free sites

Monthly Meal Planner

I use this site to create my meal plan for the week. I do this while I’m checking out what’s for sale at the grocery store.  You can choose their monthly meal plan or you can create your own using their recipes or your own. You select the recipe, add it to your week, and print the directions. Once you have a week’s worth of recipes listed, you create a grocery shopping list to tell you what you need to create all your recipes.  I go through it & cross off what I already have in the pantry. Then I use that list to grocery shop with.

Get Organized for Back to School with these FREE Sites


Use this site to track your calories and nutrients from what you eat. You can also track your fitness and achieve weight goals as well.   There is also a journal, a mood tracker, a body tracker to track inches and a lot of other neat tools to get you fit and in shape.  I like it because it lets me track what percentage of each nutrient I’ve eaten each day. I’m anemic so I need to watch my iron and this helps me keep track of where I am.


FlyLady is everything you need to organize and clean your house.  There are lists, products, reminders, groups, motivational items, etc.  She helps you create a list to help clean and organize your home.  There are videos, calendars, and more.  You can also buy a number of her books.  While I’m nowhere near perfect about this, she helps me keep a few steps ahead of the chaos. If you need to get organized for back to school, this is where you should start.

coffee cup and a planner


If you’re looking for school organization ideas, honestly one of the best sites is Pinterest as long as you can stay focused.  These ideas can help make the transition from summer vacation to back to school time much smoother. Just search on organization for school and you’ll have more ideas than you can possibly use.

Get Organized for Back to School with these FREE Sites

High School Organization Tips

If you’re looking for school organizing tips for students, be sure to involve your child in the process. They need to learn the skills to organize their own lives at a young age if they are going to take that skill with them in the future. This site has some great tips that high school students can use to stay organized and learn to use their time more efficiently.

What are your favorite school organization hacks?  I can definitely use all the help I can get!

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  1. Ooof...I need Fit Day. BADLY. And I have heard wonderful things about Fly Lady. Thanks for these links!
  2. Turning the Clock Back says
    I used to do flylady then I got too disorganized to keep up with it :) I may have to try it out again!
  3. Jackie at Color-Coded Organizing says
    These are really helpful sites. Don't forget to check out productivity apps on your smartphone!

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