Creative Quilting with Beads by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader

The ability to create quilts is something I have always admired.  My grandmother used to make beautiful quilts – both sewn and crocheted.  I have several of them stored away in my hope chest.  Quilting today is a lot different than when my grandmother was creating them.  Quilts are not only supposed to be functional, they are in some cases works of art. Many quilts are embellished with layers of beads, embroidery and surface designs to make them true works of art.

Creative Quilting with Beads

Creative Quilting with Beads by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader has twenty plus projects that use beads and embellishments to give your quilting projects dimension and sparkle.  The book begins with the basics of beading for those that are not familiar with it. You will learn about the different types of beads that will work well with quilting as well as where you can purchase them.  There is an overview of the various beading tools and supplies that will be needed to complete these projects. There is also information on the different types of materials and the different parts of a quilt. The book contains information on basic quilting supplies and tools as well. You will also learn different types of machine sewing techniques like seams, straight stitch quilting, free motion quilting, and fusible applique.  Hand sewing techniques like basic beading stitches, basic embroidery stitches, and basic quilting stitches are also explained. You also learn how to assemble the finished quilt once it’s completed.

The projects in Creative Quilting with Beads are all together in the second section of the book. Each features a full color photograph of the finished project as well as the designer’s name, tips from the designer, materials needed, tools needed, written instructions, drawings of how the embellishment should be done on the material, and figures to show how pieces should be put together.  The actual templates needed for each project are at the back of the book and can be photocopied and enlarged to use them to create your project.  The projects themselves range from quilted magnets all the way up to hanging wall quilts. A few projects could be done by someone who is relatively new to quilting although I would say that most would require a bit of experience to complete.

At the back of the book is a beautiful gallery of quilting projects you can look through. You will learn the materials used to create each project as well as where it is on display.  This section is so inspirational and while I cannot imagine having the skill or patience to actually create one, I loved looking at the amazing detail and intricate work involved in these projects. If you’re a traditional quilter who is looking to add a bit more sparkle to your creations, Creative Quilting with Beads: 20+ Projects with Dimension, Sparkle & Shine is definitely the book for you.

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  1. this looks like it would make beautiful projects. I wish I was crafty enough to do it myself!
  2. i think , without a doubt, that quilting is one of the most beautiful art forms their is. what a gift to give someone!
  3. i have made 2 quilts in my life. they took me for-EVER, lol, but i enjoyed it
  4. Sarah BB @ East9thStreet says:
    I've never made a quilt in my life but I do have a couple that my great-grandmother made.  They are truly beautiful.
  5. I've never tried to make a quilt but I've always admired them from afar...
  6. shelly peterson says:
    I would love to do quilting especially with beads. This looks lie a good book

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