How to Make My Greek Oregano Jelly Recipe

Today, I’m sharing how to make my Greek oregano jelly recipe. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant and had a jelly served along with roast beef or pork, chances are it was herb jelly. Herb jellies can be made from a number of different herbs including basil, oregano, and rosemary. Since my oregano is […]

Everything You Need to Get Started Making Jam

Get started making jam – even if you’ve never made it before in your life. I’ve been making jams and jellies for about twenty years, and I tend to make two or three different types each summer once we have fresh fruit grown locally. Sometimes, I use fruits that we grow at home, but my […]

Holiday Jams | Cranberry Raisin Jam for Christmas

Holiday jams make wonderful Christmas gifts. Most people don’t make their own jams or jellies any longer so receiving a homemade holiday jam is a bit of a treat. You can put holiday jams in a basket along with some kitchen towels and a loaf of homemade bread for a larger gift idea. This Cranberry […]

How to Make Mandarin Orange Marmalade [Small Batch]

Are you wondering how to make mandarin orange marmalade? I have always made our own jams and jellies.  If you’ve never tasted homemade jam, jelly, preserves or marmalade, you don’t know what you’re missing.  There is just no comparison to the type you buy at the store. I’ve made a number of different types of […]

Strawberry Marmalade Recipe

This strawberry marmalade recipe is a great way to enjoy fresh strawberries. I love strawberries and we try to go strawberry picking each year.  I prefer to buy strawberries in season so when I want to enjoy them at another time of the year, I make sure I’ve made strawberry jam or this strawberry marmalade […]

How To Make Banana Jam from Overripe Bananas

So, I learned how to make banana jam years ago.  Bananas were marked down at the grocery store because they were getting spots. I was certain I would use them all before they turned but  I didn’t.  So, I really hate to see anything go to waste. I found a recipe that taught me how […]