The Rights of the People – How our search for safety invades our liberty

The true meaning and original intent of our Constitution is a hotly debated topic.  Activists at each end of the spectrum, liberal and conservative, try to see the Constitution through their political perspectives.  For the past two centuries, courts and legislatures have worked to define the liberty offered to us in the Constitution – at […]

A winter care kit for kids – Create one with #EnergizerCFK and #Cbias

Having a winter care kit is important!  Winters in Vermont can be harsh. With the snow and ice, we often loose power which can be frightening for kids. As adults, we’re prepared with a wood stove for heat and cooking. We make sure to have plenty of extra food and first aid supplies on hand […]

Do you know the plants that are dangerous to pets?

Do you know the plants that are dangerous to pets? I love to garden and we grow a lot of plants in our gardens that we eat but we also grow some simply because they’re pretty or fragrant.  We also have a variety of house plants for the same reasons.  While we know not to […]

Win Dollars and Uncommon Sense: Basic Training for your Money

Dollars and Uncommon Sense… do you have it? In today’s economy, personal finances seem to be the one thing people are paying more and more attention to.  Whether you’re struggling to pay the bills or struggling to put enough money away for the kids to go to college, it’s likely that you’re looking for a […]

Emergency Preparedness New England Clam Chowder recipe

We keep a fully stocked emergency preparedness pantry so that when we are unable to get to the store due to bad weather, we aren’t stranded without food and unable to prepare a healthy, delicious meal. This recipe is one of our favorites. I have prepared it on my wood stove as well as on […]

What Should You Keep On Hand For Camping Gear?

What should you keep on hand for camping gear? While our camping activities are pretty much limited to sending the kids out in the backyard, we do keep a lot of camping gear on hand for emergencies.  What kind of emergencies you ask?   It really could be anything.   Keep on Hand for Camping Gear What […]

Just in Case: How to be self sufficient when the unexpected happens

Book Title: Just In Case Subtitle: How To Be Self Sufficient When The Unexpected Happens Author: Kathy Harrison Genre: Preparedness ISBN: 978-1-60342-035-8 Publisher: Storey Publishing Suggested Retail Price: $16.95 From the Book: Disaster can strike at any time.   Be one of the prepared few by following Kathy Harrison’s practical plan for emergency self-sufficiency.  Learn how […]

Win a Go Berkley Water Filtration System

M.D. Creekmore over at the The Survivalist Blog – a survival blog dedicated to helping others prepare for and survive disaster – with articles on bug out bag contents, survival knife choices and a wealth of other survival information is giving away a Go Berkey Water Filter System (a $139.00 value)! To enter, you just […]

Are you prepared for an emergency?

Emergencies happen when we don’t expect them and we’re often not prepared to deal with them.  I remember when my daughter was little and we were at the playground playing.  Another little girl fell on the sidewalk and cut her knee open.  None of the parents there had any kind of antiseptic wipes or bandages […]