Five Tips for Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

Winter has already arrived here in Vermont, and if it hasn’t yet in your area, it will be coming soon. Winter driving is not my favorite thing in the world, so I try hard to find tips for getting your car ready for winter. We live fairly far out from town, so I want to […]

Family Safety Kit to keep families safe in their homes

Family safety kit Because we live in a rural area, we’ve put a lot of thought in our family safety kit.  When bad weather or an emergency hits, we can’t walk to the store for supplies.  If roads become impassable for weather reasons or because trees are down, we can be stuck where we are […]

Gun Safety Tips and Outdoor Family Fun with Daisy Red Ryder BB Guns

Living in rural Vermont, guns and BB guns are a regular part of every day life and in our family so are gun safety tips.  David’s friends have had BB guns for years and (with supervision) he has used them a few times at friends’ houses.  I’ve held off on getting him his own BB […]

Eating Aliens – One Man’s Adventures Hunting Invasive Animal Species

Did you ever wonder what makes one animal species something that we eat and another something we don’t? Why do we plant certain flowers in our gardens and relentlessly yank out others? Why do we pull dandelions from our garden and plant spinach instead of eating the dandelion greens when the grow?  Some animals and […]

Chicken Salad Recipe – Emergency Preparedness Recipe

This chicken salad recipe is the perfect emergency preparedness recipe. Have you ever had to prepare a meal for your family with no power or only shelf stable ingredients? If you have, you know it can be a challenge. Emergency Preparedness Recipe Being prepared for emergencies means having food on hand you can cook with […]

Emergency Preparedness: 10 Things you need to have at all times

We’ve all been in emergency situations at one point or another.  When I was eighteen, my parents lost electricity for over a week during Hurricane Gloria when I lived in Connecticut.  At that point, it meant not only no electricity but no water since we had a pump for our well. You don’t realize how […]

Eat Local – 5 Easy Ways to Find Locally Grown Food

Eat local. It seems like everywhere I turn lately, I hear about the importance of eating more local food. It’s fresher and, therefore, healthier.  It requires less transportation and, therefore, is better for the environment. Even though I live in rural Vermont, eating locally can be a challenge sometimes. 5 Easy Ways to Find Locally […]

Do you know the plants that are dangerous to pets?

Do you know the plants that are dangerous to pets? I love to garden and we grow a lot of plants in our gardens that we eat but we also grow some simply because they’re pretty or fragrant.  We also have a variety of house plants for the same reasons.  While we know not to […]

Emergency Preparedness New England Clam Chowder recipe

We keep a fully stocked emergency preparedness pantry so that when we are unable to get to the store due to bad weather, we aren’t stranded without food and unable to prepare a healthy, delicious meal. This recipe is one of our favorites. I have prepared it on my wood stove as well as on […]

What Should You Keep On Hand For Camping Gear?

What should you keep on hand for camping gear? While our camping activities are pretty much limited to sending the kids out in the backyard, we do keep a lot of camping gear on hand for emergencies.  What kind of emergencies you ask?   It really could be anything.   Keep on Hand for Camping Gear What […]