How Can I Store Fresh Fall Apples So They Last Longer

Are you wondering how to store fresh fall apples? It’s almost apple season again, and I am looking forward to picking apples at our local orchard. Vermont is known for several different types of apples and we have quite a few orchards in our area. Each year, I try to go apple picking at least once. […]

It’s Party Time with General Mills Chex Mix Snacks

Do you love General Mills Chex Mix? I love to have people over for a party or get together but I don’t have hours and hours to spend in the kitchen preparing snacks and food. While I do make several homemade options, I fill in with store prepared snacks as a time saver. The product was […]

George Forman Evolve Grill Review and Grilling Tips

Today I’m sharing a George Forman Evolve Grill review. I absolutely love to cook but I admit to having no experience whatsoever in grilling. When we grill, Marty generally does it outside on the grill. Since we’re in Vermont, our grilling generally takes place between Memorial Day and Columbus Day. Any other time is really […]

Tupperware Blooming Teapot with Infuser

Are you looking for the Tupperware Blooming Teapot?  Check out my thoughts about this blooming teapot gift set and other similar choices. Tupperware products have always made my job in the kitchen easier.  They’ve been a part of my routine for as long as I can remember.  Each year it seems like they come out with […]

6 Alternative Food Sources When Food Costs Rise

Have you ever thought about alternative food sources? Like you, when I grocery shop I am very aware of the prices I’m paying. Some weeks it seems like all the prices have gone up and with my wages going down or at the best staying the same, that concerns me and causes me to be […]

New Cherry Lime Propel Powder Packets!

Have you tried Cherry Lime Propel Powder Packets? Propel knows you’re busy. Scheduled. Working hard to maintain your momentum each day.  To help you enjoy a life in a forward motion, they’ve introduced Propel Vitamin Enhanced Water Beverage Mix with calcium.  Propel Powder Packets with Calcium are available in Cherry Lime, Citrus Punch, and Lemonade flavors.  […]