Growing your own alternatives

I love hot beverages and I really love to grow my own to help with the grocery bill and to keep it more healthy.  While I cannot grow chocolate for hot cocoa, I can grow coffee and tea alternatives quite easily. Herbal teas don’t contain caffeine or tannins so they are much healthier for you […]

What to Plant in Window Boxes for Spring

Have you ever wondered what to plant in window boxes for spring along the front of your home? I have always thought that window boxes were a gorgeous landscaping accent. Plus, they are much easier to care for than a traditional flower bed because there is less weeding involved. I’m considering adding a few window […]

Product Review: Journals Unlimited, Inc. Garden Journal

You know how every year when you plant your garden you tell yourself you’re going to write down what variety you planted where & how well it did?  You know how you have great intentions of keeping track of varieties from year to year and you jot things down and then lose them? Or worse […]

How to Choose Sundials as Useful Garden Decorations

Have you ever thought about useful garden decorations? I love my gardens. They’re peaceful and relaxing, and I love walking through them in the summer and enjoying the birds and flowers and the scents of my herbs.  Last fall, I was feeling like something was missing from my gardens but I couldn’t figure out what […]

How to Start Seeds For Your Garden Inside

Do you know how to start seeds for your garden inside? In Vermont, our growing season is fairly short.  Because of that, many vegetables need to be planted as plants directly into the garden after the last frost date which for us is May 25th.  These plants tend to include vegetables like tomato, pepper, Brussels […]