3 Supplement-based Tips to Treat IBS

Last week I shared a few food-based tips that people with IBS or IBS-related symptoms can try to improve their symptoms naturally. This week, I wanted to continue the discussion by talking about supplements that have been shown to help people to feel better. Thank you again to HealthyCare.me for sponsoring this conversation. 3 Supplement-based Tips to Treat IBS […]

Rosemary Infused Coconut Oil for Oral Health

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils that I have ever used. I have several jars of it in the kitchen and use it regularly in my favorite recipes and for DIY health and beauty products. Not only is coconut oil considered a healthy fat, but it also helps improve your gut health by killing […]

5 Food Based Tips to Treat IBS Symptoms

For as long as I remember, my father has had problems with his stomach. Back when they first started, the doctors had no idea what the problem was. Eventually, he realized that what he had was irritable bowel syndrom. Having IBS can be frustrating, and trying to figure out what to do to make your symptoms […]

5 Important Things to Look for in an Activity Tracker

Do you have an activity tracker? Did you consider things to look for in an activity tracker when you were shopping? Or did you choose based on style or price alone? I’ve used several different activity trackers over the years. Some I’ve liked more than others so before buying one, I wanted to make sure […]

5 Healthy Fall Activities You Need In Your Life

For many people fall means cooler temperatures, more baking and less time outside. While I’m all for a cup of hot apple cider next to a roaring woodstove, it’s important not to lose track of your health goals just because the temperatures drop and the holidays get closer. When I wake up in the morning, […]

How to Manage Your Rosacea Symptoms Effectively

Thank you Galderma Laboratories, the marketer of ORACEA® (doxycycline, USP) 40 mg* Capsules for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. If you suffer from rosacea, you’ve probably wondered how to manage your rosacea symptoms effectively. Rosacea is a condition that not everyone understands, but it affects an estimated 16 million […]

Why Bay Alarm Medical is Giving Me Peace of Mind

Worrying is one of those things that I do too much of. Between family, home and job responsibilities, my plate is full and sometimes my stress level is higher than it should be. We have been trying out a Bay Alarm Medical system and it’s helping me worry less about my family while I’m not […]

How Do You Define Self Care?

How do you define self care? Self care is one of those words that you hear a lot about in the health blogging community and on social media. It seems like every day someone is telling you what you should be doing to care for yourself. In an ideal day, I’d be able to take […]

Tips for Dealing With Vaginal Dryness Naturally

I know that dealing with vaginal dryness naturally is one of those subjects that’s difficult to talk about even with your doctor. Unfortunately, for people suffering from chronic illness, it’s a topic that needs to be discussed. This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. All opinions remain […]

How to Get Unstuck and Move Forward With Change

Did you ever have one of those goals that you seem to be stuck on? Do you wonder how to get unstuck? Maybe you were doing really well and then something happened to mess up your rhythm. Or, maybe you just haven’t been able to get started. I’ve felt like that for the past month […]