How to Recover After a Health Setback

Abbott partnered with influencers such as me for its Ensure Program. As part of this Program, I received compensation for my time although thoughts and opinions are my own. Are you concerned about how to recover after a health setback? Have you noticed that as you get older it takes you longer to recover than it […]

Improve Your Eye Health With These 10 Simple Tips

I never gave much thought about how to improve my eye health until about a year ago when I was diagnosed as having the early stages of cataracts. I’m not sure why it took having eye problems for me to start being more curious about eye health, but it did. It turns out that there […]

10 Simple Ways to Manage Your Joint Stiffness

This post has been sponsored by Osteo Bi-Flex®. I was provided with product at no charge to sample in exchange for my review. The options expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Osteo Bi-Flex® and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. Getting older brings along […]

Tips to Feel Younger as You Age

Aging is a natural process, and as much as I try, I haven’t found a way to stop it. Everyone experiences aging a little bit differently. It happens at different ages for different people. Chances are if you’re in your forties or older, you’ve searched for tips to feel younger as you age at least […]

Healthy Hair With Coconut Oil

Did you know you can have healthy hair with coconut oil? Yes, you really can. With all of the heat styling I’ve been doing to get my hair holiday ready, I need some serious deep conditioning. While I use a regular conditioner almost every day, once a month or so I need to give my […]

Share Your #KegelFace to Raise Awareness

Did you know that there are over 44 million people in the United States that are over the age of 65? That’s over 14% of our population. By 2040, it’s expected to be 21.7%. Every age comes with its share of problems. There are many problems that face women going through the aging process that don’t […]

Feminine Health After Forty

This post is sponsored by Lubrigyn, a new way to keep moisture where it belongs. All opinions are my own! It seems like once I turned forty, everything changed. I have a few more grey hairs, a few more wrinkles, and my skin is drier. My back aches when I wake up in the morning, […]

Foods That Help You Absorb Calcium

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Centrum®. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Centrum® as a product or its effectiveness. #CentrumVitaMints #ad As I get closer to 50, I start to worry more about my calcium levels. Typically, as women […]

8 Tips for Healthy Hair

The last time I got together with my Mom, we were talking about how my sister and I took after different people in our family. Evidently, my sister has my Mother’s thick hair hair and I have my Grandmother’s. What that really told me was I have fine, thin hair and if I keep taking […]

7 Tips for Managing Diabetes

When my husband and I were first married, we never thought that diabetes would be something that he’d have to deal with. He had always been active in high school in sports and was in good physical condition. While he never had the best eating habits, he stayed in shape because he was always on […]