Make your Own Hair Rinse (Strengthening and Calming)

This post contains affiliate links. As I age, I find that my hair is a bit more brittle.  I wash and style my hair each day and regularly highlight or color to cover the grey hair (sshh don’t tell).  This takes its toll on my hair and I’m sure that it contributes to the weakness […]

Sore Muscle Soak Home Remedy That Really Works

Today I’m sharing this sore muscle soak home remedy. As I get older, I find that it takes less work to result in sore muscles.  I used to spend several hours weeding my garden and besides a bit of stiffness, I was fine.  Now, if I spend more than an hour weeding the garden at […]

Aromatherapy for Stress Relief and Relaxation

Are you interested in aromatherapy for stress relief? Christmas will be here in two weeks.  That is fourteen days for those of you that are counting. If you’re trying not to count the days, like me, two weeks sounds much better.  The list of things I still need to get done for clients before Christmas […]