Redesign Your Laundry Room and My DIY

This post on how to redesign your laundry room has been sponsored by P&G, Maytag and The Home Depot.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. Most of the upkeep around the house falls to me.  While I am generally too busy taking care of what needs to be fixed or replaced, sometimes I would love […]

Inspired Living With Delta Faucet

This post on inspired living with Delta Faucet is part of a sponsored campaign.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. I love old homes because they have character and stories that I don’t see in newer homes. Our New England farmhouse was built in 1865 by a man who built one of the saw […]

Improve Indoor Air Quality – What Are You Breathing?

This post on how to improve indoor air quality has been brought to you by Filtrete. I am a Filtrete Ambassador. All opinions are mine and mine alone. When most people hear the words “air pollution”, they think of big businesses and car emissions and how they impact the quality of the air outside.  Air […]

DIY Back Yard Projects Anyone Can Do Right Now

This DIY Back Yard Projects post is brought to you by Home Depot. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Now that the nice weather has arrived in Vermont, there are a number of DIY back yard projects that I want to work on.  The raised bed container garden I got from Home Depot was […]

How To Clean A Woodstove

Learning how to clean a woodstove was one of the first things I had to do when we purchased our home.  While we have an oil fired furnace, we heat primarily with wood because it does a better job heating our home.  We have a chimney sweep come in every other year to clean the […]

Do It Yourself Project Ideas

This Do It Yourself Project Ideas post has been sponsored by Home Depot.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. Now that spring has finally arrived in rural Vermont, I can start to get working on some of the do it yourself project ideas I’ve been thinking about all winter.  We have two acres of […]

Easy Valentines Day Card to Make

I’ve been looking for an easy Valentines Day card to make for my husband. We stopped buying each other store bought cards years ago. It just seemed like a waste of money when all we did was recycle them after the holiday was over. Plus, I have a huge box of craft supplies in craft […]

25 DIY Bath and Body Products to Help You Relax

If the stress is getting to you, these DIY bath and body products are just the thing to help you relax. I don’t know about you but if my stress level gets any higher right now, I may lock myself in the bathroom for a couple hours just to unwind. Doesn’t that sound perfect? This post […]

How to Make Your Own Tub Teas to Reduce Stress

Have you ever tried to make your own tub teas? What overworked mom doesn’t need to unwind and relax at the end of the day. I know that I do. After a day full of listening to roosters that won’t stop crowing, teenagers pestering me because they’re bored and phones that ring while you’re in […]

Energy Efficiency in a Little Free Time [6 Simple Projects]

Wondering if it’s possible to get energy efficiency in a little free time? You have been hearing for years now how we need to conserve energy to save money and make our homes more appealing to buyers. This sounds like a good idea, but you really do not have the money to sink into upgrades, […]