How to Make a Honey and Irish Buttermilk Bath

Why a Honey and Irish Buttermilk Bath? I wanted to create a homemade beauty product for St. Patrick’s Day without using any type of food dyes to turn whatever I made green. I’ve been reading a lot about toxins in the products we use on our bodies and am trying to eliminate them when I […]

How to Make a Mineralizing Toothpaste

Why do I need to know how to make a mineralizing toothpaste? Lately, I’ve been more concerned about toxins in the products I use for personal care and in my home. I can’t make everything I use myself. I just don’t have time, and sometimes homemade versions just don’t work as well. However, there are products […]

How To Have a Greener Christmas

These tips on how to have a greener Christmas will help you reduce waste and save money. I love being able to show off my Christmas spirit but I’d like to minimize the impact that has on our environment. Christmas can be a very commercialized holiday that lends itself to wasteful behavior if we aren’t […]

How to Play Gravestone Bingo

I grew up living next to a cemetery and used to spend many afternoons wandering through the cemetery looking at all the different gravestones. A fun game to play is Gravestone Bingo but it’s VERY important to make sure that those playing understand that the cemetery is somewhere we need to show respect. There is […]

Cheap Homemade Screen Cleaner that Really Works!

Have you ever tried a cheap homemade screen cleaner? We have a lot of electronics and tech toys in our house. Everyone has their own cell phone. The kids have laptops & tablets or Kindles. My husband and I have computers and there are several televisions.  With all those screens, I found myself going through […]

Stop Doing These 5 Things That Ruin Your Sweaters

Fall is here, and the temperatures are dropping. My sweaters are seeing more and more use now that the colder weather is here. My preference is for natural fiber sweaters for their warmth and because I prefer natural products. Unfortunately, many natural fiber sweaters require special care, or they’ll be ruined. You can stop doing […]

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Fall Leaves Pictures

Besides cows and skiing, Vermont is known for the beautiful fall leaves you can see in the autumn. People travel here from all over to “leaf peep” at the changing colors. Since I live in the middle of the woods, I don’t need to travel very far at all to enjoy the fall leaves. The […]

How to Make Natural Halloween Makeup With 4 Ingredients

Wondering how to make natural Halloween makeup? Face it. What is Halloween without dressing up as something you’re not? It would be the same as any other day of the week. Letting yourself act silly for a while and dressing up is half the fun. But, there are dangers in dressing up that you might […]

Natural Fall Decorating Ideas for the Door

This post is sponsored by Flonase® Allergy Relief We don’t do a lot of fall decorating, but I do like to make our front door festive for visitors. Since we’ve been downsizing, I didn’t want to buy Halloween decorations that would go back in a box after the season was over. Instead, I decided to […]

Computer Preparation for Storm Season

When you rely on technology as much as we do, computer preparation for storm season is vital. I work online so my computer is my livelihood. Computer damage can be costly and it can involve a trip to the city for repairs. Being prepared can help make storm season as stress-free as possible. Computer Preparation […]