How to Make Rosewater & 5 Beauty Uses

Do you know how to make rosewater? Last time I was in the city, I visited the beauty counter at a department store to see what was available. One of the products I looked at was a facial toner that was scented with rosewater. There was a tester to check out the fragrance, and I […]

How to Make Easy Rose Scented Massage Oil

This rose scented massage oil is the perfect solution to tired, achy muscles. Years ago, I worked in advertising sales for a large newspaper and ended up with a repetitive motion injury in my shoulder. To this day, when I’ve spent too much time online, my shoulder and arm all the way down to my wrists […]

Easy Natural Sinus Relief Salts for When You’re Sick

These easy natural sinus relief salts are all that’s standing between me and a week in bed. Seriously. My daughter came home with a cold last week and has managed to give it to not only me but everyone else in the house. Everyone is sick. That means that no one but me is going to […]

Easy How To: Wild Bird Treats for Winter Energy

During the summer, we fill the bird feeders with seeds, but in the winter, birds need something that gives them extra energy to stay warm in the cold weather. That’s where these wild bird treats for winter energy come in handy. My husband and I love feeding the birds and watching them through the kitchen window. […]

Easy Last Minute Christmas Decor Idea for Tables

Are you looking for easy last minute Christmas decor? I’m not big on Christmas decorations that can only be used for a few weeks a year. That means I need to store boxes of decorations for the other 11 months they aren’t in use. Instead, I look for everyday items that I can use in […]

Last Minute Creative Wrapping Ideas

I don’t really enjoy wrapping presents so I’m always searching for last minute creative wrapping ideas. Some years I just give up and have the kids do the wrapping. Now that the kids are older and here less often, I realized that the job of wrapping gifts was all mine. This post has been sponsored […]

5 Minute Christmas Ornament That Anyone Can Make

This 5 minute Christmas ornament is the perfect craft to do when you just have no time. You can hang it on the tree or you can attach it to your Christmas packages.  Is anyone else feeling like they are just running out of time? This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if […]

Easy Washi Tape Gift Card Holder

This easy Washi tape gift card holder is the perfect upcycled Christmas craft. Now that the kids are older, Christmas shopping is a bit different. They don’t want toys for Christmas any longer. They tend to want gift cards, money, and technology. At 18 and 22, I’ve come to accept the fact that it’s easier […]

Easy Tips for a Natural Christmas Wreath

This post is sponsored by Flonase® Allergy Relief. Did you know that a wreath with holly, red berries and other decorations is at least as old as the 1600s? These easy tips for a natural Christmas wreath will get you started. Easy Tips for a Natural Christmas Wreath Every year, I have a Christmas wreath […]

How to Make a DIY Zen Garden for Bedtime Relaxation

This DIY Zen Garden is a relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day for both adults and kids. Having the same bedtime routine each night can help your body recognize that it’s time to go to sleep. With teens (and adults) who are hooked on social media, it’s tempting to keep putting […]