Make Homemade Bath Salts with Rose Petals for Sensitive Skin

Have you ever wondered how to make homemade bath salts? I have very sensitive skin so I need to be careful when it comes to skincare and bath products. Some products leave my skin dry and irritated so I prefer to make my own bath products when I can. Not only is this a great […]

Simple Fleece Sewing Projects for the Whole Family

When my children were little, I enjoyed making fleece sewing projects for them because fleece is an easier medium to work with than fabric for a beginner.  Fleece is also soft, warm, easy to wash and comfortable which are all ideal for small children.  There’s no need to sew hems like there is with fabric […]

How to Make Cards Using Family Photographs

I wanted to make a few cards using family photographs I have on my phone. I wanted something that was easy to do that looked like something you’d save for years. An easy DIY project is something I enjoy, but it cannot be too time intensive or complicated. I am a member of the #HPSmartMom […]

Big Game Day Invitation Printable for your Football Party

If you’re having a football party this year, don’t run out and buy invitations. Make your own big game day invitation printable this year to invite people to your party. This football party invitation would work equally as well for a football themed birthday party or even for Father’s Day for a Dad who loves […]

Halloween Coloring Pages for Adults to Print and Color

I love coloring and I wanted to share these Halloween coloring pages for adults that you can print out and color.  It’s difficult to find seasonal coloring pages that aren’t geared toward children. I want something that has a bit more detail than the children’s coloring book pages. So I decided to put this collection […]

How to Dye Your Easter Eggs With Natural Dyes

Once you know how to dye your Easter eggs with natural dyes, you will be able to eat your hard-boiled eggs without worrying about artificial food dyes. The traditional Easter egg kits use synthetic dyes and although they are approved by the FDA for food use, there are still concerns about their link to things […]

How to Make Rosewater & 5 Beauty Uses

Do you know how to make rosewater? Last time I was in the city, I visited the beauty counter at a department store to see what was available. One of the products I looked at was a facial toner that was scented with rosewater. There was a tester to check out the fragrance, and I […]

How to Make Easy Rose Scented Massage Oil

This rose scented massage oil is the perfect solution to tired, achy muscles. Years ago, I worked in advertising sales for a large newspaper and ended up with a repetitive motion injury in my shoulder. To this day, when I’ve spent too much time online, my shoulder and arm all the way down to my wrists […]

Easy Natural Sinus Relief Salts for When You’re Sick

These easy natural sinus relief salts are all that’s standing between me and a week in bed. Seriously. My daughter came home with a cold last week and has managed to give it to not only me but everyone else in the house. Everyone is sick. That means that no one but me is going to […]

Easy How To: Wild Bird Treats for Winter Energy

During the summer, we fill the bird feeders with seeds, but in the winter, birds need something that gives them extra energy to stay warm in the cold weather. That’s where these wild bird treats for winter energy come in handy. My husband and I love feeding the birds and watching them through the kitchen window. […]