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Because my husband and I believe in being prepared for emergencies, we try to keep on hand extra food just in case.  When we stock up, much of the food that we buy is canned food or dehydrated food because it is already cooked and shelf stable.  Having a bunch of cans stacked on top of each other in the pantry can be an accident waiting to happen.  It makes much more sense to store them in a can organizer. Not only does it keep the cans from toppling to the ground, it helps keep your supply rotated. Add to the back and take from the front.

Can Organizer – Emergency Preparedness

You don’t need to be limited to canned food in your emergency supply stock.  There’s a wide range of tasty dehydrated food that you can keep on hand in case you loose power.  You can find almost everything dehydrated including dairy, vegetables, fruits, grains, meats, beans, desserts and soups.  These are shelf stable so they have a very long shelf life and generally only need the addition of water to turn them into a tasty meal.  Dehydrated foods are generally packaged in large cans for easy stacking with a lid that you can remove and then put back on top to make them last longer.  You can take out and prepare just what you need whether that’s for one person or ten.

Thrive Foods

I received samples of the Thrive Foods chicken, onions and celery from Carolina Food Storage .  I’d never tried these particular products before so I was curious to see how they tasted.  Because they are sample sized, they were in resealable bags instead of in cans.  It was a simple matter of adding water and waiting to prepare a delicious Chicken Salad recipe.   The sample size is ideal so you can taste the product before you stock up. You want to make sure you like the taste before you buy five cans to put in your emergency preparedness pantry. Check out my recipe to see how amazingly yummy this was. There’s no way I would have believed that it came from shelf stable food.

Thrive chicken emergency preparedness

Carolina Food Storage offers a variety of emergency preparedness supplies including food rotation systems, shelf stable food, emergency supplies and tools. There’s also a very handy article I recommend that you read that explains how much food you should store for emergency preparedness.  You don’t want to find out in an emergency that you don’t have enough food on hand.

dehydrated celery onion

One of my lucky readers will win their very own small can organizer so they can start storing emergency preparedness food.
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  1. I learned if you keep your canned food organized you ensure a lower amount of wasted food and money.  :)
  2. They sell Emergency Supplies. Thanks for doing the giveaway.
  3. The company's THRIVE foods are all natural...important to my family :)
  4. Janice Cash says:
    I Learned they offer emergency supplies that are essential for virtually any disaster.
  5. Barbara Mayes says:
    Shelf Reliance is built on five core values: Leadership, Excellence. Integrity, Hard Work  and Dedication! 
  6. Interesting concept. It does offer convenience. And I like that they have recipes on the product themselves to help with menu ideas.
  7. Barbara Mayes says:
    I entered the Win a $50 GC to Uncommon Goods! Really hope to win that one!
  8. Thrive has a business opportunity for a person interested in becoming an independent consultant.
  9. carol roberts says:
    They sell Emergency Supplies
  10. Kathlean Owens says:
    It actually teaches you and gives you advise on how to store food products and how to rotate them to avoid expire and hazardous toxins can foods.
  11. I learned they have several charities, including 6 communities involved in gardening in Mexico.
  12. I learned that they sell emergency supplieskport207 at gmail dot com
  13. Shelf Reliance is built on five core values: Leadership, Excellence. Integrity, Hard Work  and Dedication! 
  14. Sue Ellison says:
    I learned they launched their first product line, the Food Rotation System in 2005.
  15. I learned you should rotate your canned goods to avoid expiration. Simple, but easily forgotten.
  16. Julie Lynn Bickham says:
    I learned that in 2007 Shelf Reliance launched its food line THRIVE.
  17. I learned they have a website for Alaska
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  19. You can have a party!
  20. Seyma Shabbir says:
    Learned just how many foods can be flash frozen - wow eggs, meats, fruits, veggies and more.
  21. i leanred you can host a party
  22. laura ari says:
    They sell emergency supplies.
  23. laura ari says:
    I entered swim spot giveaway.
  24. elven johnson says:
    I saw that they have a make your own custom emergency kit. i did the it & it was cool.
  25. Deborah M says:
    I learned that you can host a party to earn extra discounts.  Fun idea!
  26. Deborah M says:
    I entered the Swim Spots giveaway.  Thanks!!
  27. They sell Emergency Supplies
  28. kristel hase says:
    They also have healthy food
  29. I learned that they have an emergency preparedness kit and can help you prevent food waste
  30. I learned that the company's first product line was the Food Rotation System
  31. you save 25% when you buy buckets instead of cans
  32. I learned that buckets are cheaper than cans.
  33. I learned they offer 16 different sizes in the food rotation systems to store large quantities of canned food. 
  34. Cheryl Rahkonen says:
    I learned that Shelf Reliance donates 5% of all Thrive Profits to their charity, Thriving Nations.
  35. Renee B. says:
    I learned that it's adjustable to any can size
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    they sell emergency supplies
  38. Kasee Johnson says:
    I have a Cansolidator that I keep on the floor of my pantry. I have always wanted to add more, but mine was a Costco purchase, and we all know that they don't always get back in stock what we want! But I learned on the sponsor's site that what I REALLY want is the Harvest 72"!!!!!
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    Their first product was the Food Rotation System. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline
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    I learned that that you can buy gift baskets!
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  43. Jessica Miller says:
    I learned Shelf Reliance has a a shelf life of 25 years on most items
  44. I learned that you can schedule a party through them!
  45. I learned that they sell shelter items as well such as Emergency Blanket!Thanks!
  46. most items have a 25 year shelf life that is long.
  47. cheryl c. says:
    I learned that you can assemble your own preparedness kit and planner by filling out a form that will provide you with a list of all the materials you need.
  48. they donate 5% of their earnings to charities
  49. entered summer sizzle giveaway
  50. Christine says:
    THRIVE foods are all natural
  51. Stephanie Hungerford says:
    I love that the food is freeze dried and all you have to to is add water. I also like that it is all natural
  52. Leigh Nichols says:
    I like that they sell emergency supplies.
  53. I learned they sell emergency supplies.
  54. Ellen Levickis says:
    they sell not only can organizers, but emergency provisions
  55. shelf reliance food has a shelf life of 25 years
  56. I learned that Shelf Reliance's first product line came out in 2005.
  57. I learned the advantages of freeze drying to ensure freshness - in 3 steps
  58. You can save over 25% buying buckets.
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  60. Bailey Martin says:
    I learned you can buy buckets of food rather than cans, something I really had never thought of!
  61. Amanda Macias Hernandez says:
    I learned that the buckets of food are a great way to save on waste and reuseable!! thanks for the giveaway!!!
  62. Amanda Macias Hernandez says:
    I love your post on how to make magnets...i am a magnet and picture it was alot of fun information
  63. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:
    They started on 2005 vmkids3 at msn dot com
  64. i like that you can buy things in buckets over cans
  65. Monique Rizzo says:
    I like the emergency supplies. Thanks for the chance.
  66. Lesley F says:
    In 2004, Shelf Reliance was founded.
  67. Tina Bartunek says:
    Their product is all natural...Thrive.
  68. I learned that they offer emergency supplies for pretty much any kind of disaster.
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    I learned They sell emergency supplies!ptavernie at yahoo dot com
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    2005 they put out their first product line.
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    I like that they were created out of the desire to help people be more self
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    i learned the have many emergancy supplies!!
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  76. I learned they sell many different things to organize your pantry so you have less waste and can save money
  77. I didn't know you could become a shelf reliance seller.
  78. I learned about the products! I didn't really know they even had things like that. I mean, I know they sold soups dehydrated in packets.. but it's great to know you can buy them and make your own! I also love their shelf organizer! My mom was in WWII and really was a canned good hoarder LOL I mean.. we found things in there from 1988 a few yrs ago. :0X  ha ha ha. Anyhow. Thanks for the memories and the great products!
  79. susan varney says:
    you can get supplies for emergencies there
  80. Jennifer Paige says:
    You should rotate your cans to avoid the food expiring.
  81. Britt Brill says:
    Oh boy, do I need this
  82. My husband and I have been doing this for years. It's important to be prepared for a storm (hurricanes here) power outage etc...
  83. Chrystal J. says:
    I learned that Shelf Reliance is built on five core values: Leadership, Excellence. Integrity, Hard Work and Dedication.
  84. I learned they also carry camping and outdoor supplies!coriwestphal at msn dot com
  85. Mary Cloud says:
    That they have a lot of great products I'd love to have to store my canned goodsannabellainla @ gmail dot com
  86. Derek T. says:
    This is a great way to keep the clutter down!
  87. Ashley Tucker says:
    I learned they sell emergency supplies
  88. They sell Thrive food products which are good for daily use or for an emergency.
  89. learned they also sell emergency suppliesbrich22 at earthlink dot net
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    We should keep our food rotated.
  91. Love this: "We partner with respected charitable organizations who work to bring families to nutritional and economic self-sufficiency through education, training, and research. "
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    I can save 25% if I buy buckets instead of cans!
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    i want to try the broccoli soup
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    you save 25% when you buy buckets instead of cans
  96. i leared that they are the only company in the world who offers an innovative online program that helps you create your own home grocery store.
  97. Eggs can be frozen!
  98. Sunnymay says:
    The Q Club has a Bronze level that's free and has recipes and tips.
  99. Ellen Levickis says:
  100. Karen Gonyea says:
    Shelf Reliance is built on five core values: Leadership, Excellence. Integrity, Hard Work and Dedication!
  101. Terri Menke says:
    I learned that you can host a party
  102. Pamela White says:
    Thrive has water treatment equipment.
  103. I learned that the Shelf Reliance systems are great for people who are very into stockpiling food because it keeps the newest stuff you purchase at the back so you don't end up letting stuff go to waste. I also learned you can sign up to sell Shelf Reliance.
  104. You can build your own store with their shelving products! tssk10(at)gmail(dot)com
  105. I learned that this is a great site for emergency supplies!
  106. I learned they do in home parties!
  107. Michele Amos says:
    They flash freeze their food.
  108. The company was founded in 2004
  109. They sell many different shelving units from units that go in cabinets to free-standing units :) Thanks!
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  111. Kendra Krebs says:
    I love Thrive products!

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