Winter car care to keep your car looking new

Winter car care can affect how long your car stays looking at its best especially if you travel a lot in the winter.  My Grandmother fell last month and broke her wrist and her hip.  She is 92 and is convalescing in a nursing home in Connecticut until she regains more use of her wrist and her hip is stronger. My parents, who live in Vermont, have been making weekly trips down to Connecticut to make sure that she is being taken care of.  They are trying to get her home ready for her return, taking care of transporting her to doctor’s appointments, and trying to make sure that her return home next week goes as smoothly as possible.  As you can imagine weekly trips from Vermont to Connecticut in the winter are wrecking havoc on the paint and body of their car.

Winter car care

Winter care care doesn’t have to be difficult.  Just apply an additional layer of protection with Armor All® Custom Shield™ coating to help your car’s paint and body get through harsh winter driving conditions. It’s easy (and fun!) to spray the coating on your car at the beginning of winter. Come spring, just peel off – no tools required, just use your fingers! No residue left behind, just a well protected paint and car body.

The Winter Protection kit includes:

2 cans Armor All® Custom Shield™ Coating
Painter’s tape for edging
Microfiber cleaning cloth
One Armor All® Ultra Shine Wash & Wax Detailer
One Armor All® Extreme Wheel and Tire Cleaner
Get this $65 value Winter Protection kit for only $49.99! plus FREE SHIPPING for the first 100 purchasers during the campaign!

Can Armor All® Custom Shield™ Coating be applied over wax?
Yes, we have not seen any application or performance issues when applied over freshly waxed vehicles.

Can it be applied over vinyl pinstripes or other decals?
Yes, it is safe for all exterior automotive surfaces including pinstripes and decals.

Can it be used on headlights?
Although it is safe for all exterior surfaces, Armor All® does not recommend using Custom Shield™ on headlights or other surfaces that could affect driving visibility.

Will it come off in the car wash?
Washing by hand is completely safe. If going to a car wash, Armor All® recommends using a touch less service.

Armor All is offering FREE SHIPPING on Custom Shield for the first 100 buyers from now until Dec. 31, 2012 so you can get started on your winter car care.

To redeem, visit the Custom Shield website. Click on “Buy Now” and enter SPRAY1 at checkout.  Take a look at this video for more information and to see how easy it is.

This article is sponsored by Armor All®


  1. I like how it doesn’t leave residual

  2. Living in Indiana, I have to find ways to keep my car “looking new” otherwise it turns into a giant rust bucket lol. Thanks for the review and info

  3. We just got a new SUV, so this is great to know!!! It’s been so strangely warm here lately, but I am sure Winter will catch up at some point!

  4. My car looks TERRIBLE in the winter time, especially when it snows. Not only is the outside muddied but it is also tracked into the car. I could definitely use some of these products!

  5. This looks great. I can use this on our new car!

  6. Awesome tips! Although, I’m not going to lie. I do not miss having to do this! One of the benefits from moving from Chicago to Vegas if for sure this!

  7. These are great tips. I just got my husband a new-ish car and I want it to stay looking great.

  8. Krystle(Baking Beauty) says:

    We get tons of snow around here, but never do anything special to the car. You’ve inspired me to start! PS Your car is the cutest thing ever!

  9. Our cars take a beating each winter. I  would love to try this  kit.

  10. I love Armor All. It is the best way to keep rain from blurring my windshield when I am driving.

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