How to embed a Twitter box in your blog post


I am going to show you how to embed a Twitter box in your blog post.  Sharing your posts on a variety of social media sites is almost as important as what you put in the post itself.  You can write the most amazing post in the world but if you never tell people about it, it’s not very likely they will come to read it.  I always make sure to share my posts on a variety of social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Blog Frog, and Pinterest.  Generally, I use the little share button at the bottom of each post. Sometimes I’d like to encourage my readers to share a specific message about the post on Twitter and that may not be what actually shows up when the share button is used.


How to embed a Twitter box in your blog post

There are two different ways you can embed a Twitter box in your blog post to encourage your readers to share a specific message or tweet. The first way is by using a Plug-in called  Twitter @Anywhere Plus. If you search for it and add it, you will get a little box in your post like the one at the end of this post that says “Like this?”  It does take a little bit of formatting but it’s totally doable.  I followed the directions I found on Now when someone wants to share your post, you can offer them an alternative.  The first portion of the tweet that says “Wow I really enjoyed this post” is totally customizable and you can change it to be anything you want.  After that, just insert the code for the post title and the post link and you are set. This particular way will insert a tweet box into every single post.

If you don’t want to insert a tweet box into every single post, you can try this other method.

  1. Create your post & tweet it out to Twitter.
  2. Got to Twitter and make sure you are logged in.
  3. Find the tweet that you want to share and click on the word “open” in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Click on “details” and then “embed this tweet”
  5. Copy the code and then come back to your original post & paste in the embed code where you want the tweet box to be.

It will look like this:

You don’t need to include the tweet that points to this post in your post. You could include a general tweet about what your blog is all about. Or, in your review, you could include a tweet about the giveaway. However you decide to use it, now you know how to embed a Twitter box in your blog post.  If this post has helped you, feel free to test out the Twitter boxes and share this post with your friends!




  1. Interesting. Thanks for the info, Ellen!

  2. Ellen, That is what I needed to know Thank you for putting that down. But also do you just know how to make your own, Blue address,  to put on a, blog or tweet and send that works. I took a class years ago and I thought you had to type four letters before and after the blue type????? Thank you Jerri Davis

    • Ellen Christian says:

      Hi Jerri – Glad to help. Not sure what you mean by blue address?

      • I am not sure myself but its when you type then make the web address blue so that people can follow it by clicking on it.   I do not know how to type it blue so it can be made into,  I think you call it a hyperLink.  I am new to this only been working at it for two weeks now.   Thank you ,  Jerri Davis

        • Ellen Christian says:

          Hi Jerri – This should help explain it for you

  3. Ellen Christian says:

    Glad to help Jerri. Let me know how it works!

  4. Very cool, Ellen! Thanks for posting this.

  5. I have tried this and mine look nothing like yours. Example of how it looks: Do you have any ideas of what to do?

    • Ellen Christian says:

      Hi Wendy – You cannot go back into the post at all once you put the html in for the Twitter box. Paste in the HTML and then publish. Do not view, preview, edit, etc. or it will change the format. That should work.

  6. Wow how easy! Thanks SO much for posting!!

  7. Thanks for the info. I was wondering if it was this easy =) 

  8. I just read that @Anywhere is being deleted as of 12/6/12 so I wanted to figure out how to add tweet boxes without using them so thank you for the second option!

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