How to Manage Life With an Autoimmune Disease

Learning how to manage life with an autoimmune disease takes time and practice. Most autoimmune diseases are invisible. You cannot look at someone and tell that they have one. I doubt that anyone would be able to look at me and realize that I’m one of many women who has an autoimmune disease. But, I do. […]

How to Add Shine to Your Hair and Improve Its Health

Sponsored post by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own. Have you been wondering how to add shine to your hair? Are you noticing now that you’re over forty that your hair has lost the luster and shine it had when you were younger? Aging and hormone changes can cause changes in your hair that may […]

How to Choose a Safe Full Spectrum Sunscreen

Do you know if your current sunscreen is a safe full spectrum sunscreen? Do you know why it should be? The weather is getting warmer again, and our local beach has opened for the season. Watching the waves against the sand and listening to the gulls is one of the most peaceful ways I know […]

Why You Aren’t Sleeping and How to Fix It

Do you know why you aren’t sleeping? It took me a while to figure this out, but now that I have, it’s made a huge difference. Not getting a good night’s sleep can have a huge impact on how my day goes the next day. It makes me sore, cranky, short tempered, and just generally […]

Easy Healthy Tips For A Healthy Life

It’s almost summer time and I’ve started to take out my capris and shorts for the warmer weather. I’m much more sedentary during the colder weather because I don’t like to walk when it’s below freezing outside. I also tend to eat more comfort foods and baked goods over the holidays. As the temperatures warm […]

7 Ways to Appreciate Nature Every Day

Living in Vermont, I am always looking for ways to appreciate nature.  My rural location makes it possible to enjoy all sorts of animals and nature around me. My computer window looks out on our ducks and chickens in their pen.  Our garden is off to the side.  In the early morning when I first […]

How To Make Good Snacking Choices On The Go

Making good snacking choices on the go can be a challenge. I spend a lot of time running errands, driving people places, going to appointments or traveling for my blogs. That means I’m almost always on the go for at least part of the day. While I’m on the go, it’s really tempting to make […]

How to Know Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Do you know how to know your risk for Type 2 Diabetes? About ten years ago, my husband was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It’s not something we were expecting but after an injury that didn’t heal well even after several surgeries, I can’t say that it came as a total shock – at least […]

5 Reasons You Need an Adjustable Bed for Better Sleep

If anyone told me years ago that I needed an adjustable bed for better sleep, I wouldn’t have believed them. After all, a bed is a bed, right? Frame, mattress, sheets, pillows, what’s the difference? Well if you think the way I did, you’d be wrong too. I’ve been sleeping on my Reverie Adjustable Sleep […]

How to Choose the Right Yoga Mat for Success

Do you know how to choose the right yoga mat? Or, do you think all the yoga mats are the same and choose based on style? I remember when I was younger, I thought nothing of doing somersaults and all sorts of acrobatics outside on the ground. I could spend hours rolling around or sitting […]